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Those out there who know me well knows what this is, but for those who don't- This is the Evil Black Walnut Tree from Hell!

Why do I call it that? Well...it shades a good portion of my garden for the 3 months of the year it actually has leaves. It starts loosing those leaves in August, July in a dry year. It drops large nuts from up to 50' high, and seems to wait until I am directly below it doing yard work.

And that's not the worst thing about this tree. It produces a chemical in its root system that flows to the leaves and nuts know as juglone click on this link for more information on juglone : http://www.wvu.edu/~agexten/hortcult/fruits/blkwalnt.htm).

What is juglone? It is a natural herbicide that is especially toxic to plants in the nightshade family. That would include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and tomatillos. Yeah, basically all of the things I want to grow in my garden every summer. It causes the plants to turn yellow, wilt and dies, especially when the roots of the plants grow deep enough to contact the roots of the black walnut.

In other words, this tree is my mortal enemy.

I decided to have it cut down a few years ago. Because we live in town, there are power wires running every which way through he tree so it is not an easy job to cut it down. I made the mistake of getting the low bid (Lakeside Trees Service), and when they showed up after I had the power lines dropped and removed my chain link fence tried to raise the price by almost 300% (please don't use this company). I told them to get off of my property. The evil tree had survived to destroy another day.

I had decided that no matter the expense this tree was coming down the first available day after I retire in February next year, and called only the most recommended tree services in the county to get bids. The one who shot me the best price offered to cut their cost by $200 if I would let them do the work tomorrow. Tempting, but I don't want to have to deal with all the cleanup until I have a bunch of free time.

The owner called me back tomorrow and told me he needed the business, had a crew that hadn't had a job all week, and would I be willing to let them do the work on Saturday if he cut his bid by 1/3rd?


They are coming tomorrow to cut the Evil Black Walnut Tree from Hell. I will believe it is true when I see the wood stacked on the ground, and not a moment sooner.

soon, my Evil friend. Your time is coming soon ...

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