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When we entered the the waterfall area in the photo I put up a couple of posts ago, a young couple was trying their best to get their black lab mix dog to come out of the water. He had jumped into the fall area to retrieve a stick the owner threw in, but didn't want to leave the water once he got in. The water was very cold, and he acted like he thought something was attacking him. What it was (IMHO) was the shock collar that the owner kept hitting to get him to come out of the water.

Cruel? I will leave it up to you to decide. I don't like the idea of using electrical current to get my dog to obey, but maybe that's just me.


After watching this display for several minutes, I got into the act by calling the dog's name, trying to get him to come ashore. He kept biting the water each time his "master" hit the shock switch.

He finally gave up and came out of the water. The poor dog was shaking like a leaf. He shook off most of the water he had on his body, and the three of them climbed the stairs and headed out of this canyon.

We followed them up the stairs and I noticed his pawprints on each step.

Short story long?

That is what this photo is all about...
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