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A golden autumn
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 20 2013 10:14 GMT Riet
This photo was taken by me last autumn. I try to come back on fotothing. I have much trouble with walking due to arthrosis, but the place where I live now is so beautiful and right before my nose! :-) Elly lives nearby too.
Jun 20 2013 11:40 GMT Riet
Thanks my friend ju :-)
Jun 20 2013 12:29 GMT Foggydew
Hi Riet, you have a lovely home :)

Jun 20 2013 16:57 GMT Riet
Yes, I am so happy here :-)
And when I see your name and know you are Irish it always crosses my mind my father played the guitar and sang 'it's a long way to tipperary :-)
Long time ago, foggy, I am 83 years, now, I can hardly believe it myself! :-)
Jun 20 2013 19:27 GMT hans55 PRO
great colors Riet !!
Jun 20 2013 20:42 GMT Riet
I have a new camera, an Olympus. :-)
Jun 21 2013 06:48 GMT elsje323
great view you have
Jun 21 2013 09:42 GMT skyball
A beautiful contrast of colour Riet..lovely catch!!!!!.........
Jun 21 2013 10:39 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Sorry to see you can't get out much, Riet, but what a lovely view you have!
Jun 21 2013 17:08 GMT FRIESIAN
Fantastic view Riet!!!!!
Jun 22 2013 06:48 GMT senna3
A wonderful setting of your new house!
Jun 22 2013 11:18 GMT wijnie58
What a beautiful autumn colours, Riet..Is everything oke..:)
Jun 22 2013 16:03 GMT Riet
Thanks for asking, wijnie :-) Not quite, I have an inflammation of the bladder. I got medicine for it. Still one pill left for tomorrow. And further I have medicine ( several
vitamines because my blood has lack of calcium and some sort of vitamines.) Well, it's the price you pay for getting old I think :-)
Walking is difficult too, my right leg is rather weak so I can easily loose balance, but therefore I have my friend the rollator! And my two daughters who live nearby (Monica and Elly) do the shopping for me.
But I am so happy to live now since a year in my new house, beautiful surroundings and if you need you can get all the care that is possible.
How are you both? Looking forward to vacation?
Have a nice weekend, wijnie!

All the people that live here are older people with different health problems.
Jul 05 2013 22:41 GMT superJoan
Lovely autumnal colour Marie...have you really been in this house now for a year..how time flies...keep taking the tablets!!!!! An English saying for keep going.....and keep well.
Aug 20 2013 18:39 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful colours and image Riet
Aug 21 2013 14:46 GMT Riet
Thank you so much, happysnaper:-)
My brother worked for Aer Lingus and lived in Dublin!
Long time ago.....He was seven years older than me and I am 83 now! How time flies!

Aug 25 2013 17:06 GMT SpiderScience
Sep 19 2013 09:05 GMT Milibuh
Hello Riet , glad to see you ...

Oct 20 2013 15:39 GMT annieann PRO
so very beautiful
Oct 20 2013 19:45 GMT Riet
Thank you so much dear annieann and all of you!
I am sick since some time that's the reason you didn't hear from me.
It's a sickness of the cervical vertebrae, it gives a lot of pain and they
cannot do much about it. And if that isn't enough my bladder and female parts of the body are inflamed. How come..........nobody knows. I have always taken good care of myself. I am 83 now, maybe my whole body is getting weaker.
The doctor has given me a lot of medicine and I bought analgesic myself.
But it's not of much help. The doctor is still trying to find something that can help me.
I could always sleep well but now I have burning feelings on my arms and that wakes me up. in the night.I went to the living at four in the morning ! And during some hours it got better. Tomorrow I will hear from my doctor..
I'll comment when I know more.
But I follow all of you :-)

Oct 21 2013 01:08 GMT irajsalarvand
Hi Riet , how are you ..؟
Oct 21 2013 08:02 GMT Riet
Hi Iraj,

I am not very well, Iraj. But that's my age, I think.
Are you still painting?
Oct 22 2013 12:43 GMT irajsalarvand
Yes painter. Photographer. Filmmaker and unemployed ... :)
Oct 22 2013 12:48 GMT irajsalarvand
It's about life ..

And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
The Tavern shouted--"Open then the Door!
You know how little while we have to stay,
And, once departed, may return no more."

By Omar Khayyam
Oct 22 2013 18:51 GMT hanek
Hi Riet :-)))
Oct 24 2013 13:38 GMT annieann PRO
Riet thank you so much for informing me . i do pray that you will be cured . god is good i will light a candle for you in church . please take care my love . thinking of you . annieann xx
Nov 08 2013 16:39 GMT julie13
Lovely colours :)
Dec 17 2013 14:01 GMT Cronos1
Splendid view !
Jan 10 2014 17:40 GMT aquiles PRO