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...one of my favourite hobbies :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 02 2009 09:10 GMT hans55 PRO
a good way to train your brains !!!
nice stillife !!
Jul 02 2009 12:33 GMT aquiles PRO
Jul 02 2009 14:15 GMT LizSA
mooi foto, Riet..... enjoy it...!!!!!
Jul 02 2009 14:50 GMT PhotoPro PRO
This doesn't surprise me Marie - I figured you did stuff to exercise your mind. I have read studies that say people over 50 (certainly includes Gail and I) should do mentally challenging tasks (crossword, puzzles etc.) daily to maintain an active mind and stave off deterioration of the brain cognitive loss normal with aging. It is supposed to add a min 10-20 years to lifespan - both physically and mental acuteness.

BTW - I so much enjoy seeing your art work. Life has been really hectic around here the last few months so I don't comment as much as I used to - but I definitely check out my friends spaces as often as possible.
Jul 02 2009 15:52 GMT cdc PRO
great work
Jul 02 2009 20:54 GMT Riet
Well...that's good news :-) I also read that each time you learn something new your brain produces new connections between the neurons. But sometimes I panick a little because there are gaps in my memory. On the other hand in those 79 years of my life there has been stuffed so much information in my brain...it's impossible to remember everything!
Thanks, Bill, for your kind comment.....I have the same problem with writing comments. Too many friends, to little time :-)
Jul 03 2009 08:44 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
A very good brain exercise....
Jul 03 2009 16:38 GMT yvonNL
nice still life Het kan zelfs met deze hitte
Jul 03 2009 18:06 GMT Lensvision
Mij te moeilijk ;)
Jul 03 2009 18:31 GMT Riet
Ik kreeg deze van Elly voor mijn verjaardag in Mei, Dimphy:-) Ze had ze met 5 sterren gekocht. Ik vond ze eerst erg moeilijk, nu nog trouwens, maar dat is juist de uitdaging en ik ben er lekker lang zoet mee! Gaat ook steeds beter :-) Ik kocht zelf altijd met 3 of 4 sterren.
Nico zegt altijd tegen mij ' Daar moet je een kronkel voor in je hersens hebben' Hahaha.
Jul 04 2009 07:41 GMT sayalio
Love this composition, dear friend!!!
Jul 04 2009 19:28 GMT Lensvision
Nico heeft gelijk ;)
Jul 05 2009 14:34 GMT Elly
en??? zijn er al woorden ingevuld? :-)
Jul 05 2009 14:55 GMT Riet
Hahaha! Vandaag nog niet ;-)
Jul 05 2009 17:56 GMT abojovna PRO
Lovely hobby, very nice stillife photo!
Sep 03 2009 18:32 GMT ujbanyiv
Nice Still Life