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This expert removed my airconditioning, it has to be done by experts.
The man was so tall! When he raised his arm he nearley reached the ceiling!
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Comments on this photo:

May 04 2012 14:00 GMT hans55 PRO
tall can be very usefull in his job !! :-))
May 04 2012 14:04 GMT Riet
It sure does! :-)
May 04 2012 14:07 GMT wijnie58
Doet hij aan sport Riet, misschien baseball....:-))
May 04 2012 17:05 GMT senna3
Does he also install it in your new apartment!?
May 04 2012 19:16 GMT Riet
No, senna, I have given it to my daughter Monica and her husband. Their bedroom is very warm in the summer. And as my son-in law does everything for me it is a pleasure for me to be able to give something back. The thing iis only used three days, so as good as new:-)
I don't move to an appartment but to a house and I am so happy with it!
May 04 2012 20:45 GMT Pea2007
This man needs no stepladders.
May 04 2012 21:16 GMT Riet
senna, I forgot to tell you, this man and his colleague brought the airco to my daughter where they installed it.
May 08 2012 17:22 GMT charlie26
Very nice action shot. Funny remarks Riet.
May 10 2012 21:02 GMT jomoud PRO
I know a basket ball team that could be interested in him:):)