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Tags house room


A part of my livingroom :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 02 2013 11:13 GMT abojovna PRO
Thank you Maria for sharing! Have a beautiful weekend!
Feb 02 2013 12:05 GMT linnywv PRO
Light and airy! Lovely!
Feb 02 2013 12:46 GMT Riet
I wish you the same, abo! :-)
Feb 02 2013 12:51 GMT Riet
I live here since May last year, linny and I feel very happy here! Two of my daughters live near by and they do the shopping for me, because my walking is getting worse, even with the rollator. Well it be so, I'll be 83 next May annd at this age you don't run anymore;-)
Feb 02 2013 14:51 GMT hans55 PRO
nice and stylish room Riet !! ...you dont have to run anny more ..why the hurry ?? :-)
Feb 02 2013 15:10 GMT elsje323
nice livingroom Riet
Feb 02 2013 17:03 GMT Foggydew
Well organised :)
Feb 02 2013 17:03 GMT Foggydew
Well organised :)
Feb 02 2013 20:52 GMT Lie
Looks cosy.....have a nice weekend !
Feb 03 2013 12:27 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful livingroom Riet...Have a nice Sunday..:-))
Feb 03 2013 12:33 GMT superJoan
Marie you say at your age you don't run anymore..start dancing..we have one gentleman who will be 101 years old next week who dances all Cha cha's... jives.. waltzes etc etc...and the average age of our club dancers is about 75 years old...they range from 60 to 100 years most in their 80's......... great hobby...
Feb 03 2013 17:40 GMT Riet
You make me smile! :-) That is wonderful!
I have arthrosis from neck to the end of my spinal column and am easily out of balance! My right leg is not as strong as it used to be. The prognosis was that it could get lame. Thank God it didn't untill now, but it is kind of weak so to say.That would mean I can easily fall under circumstances.
I move as much as I can but have to be very careful. Therefore I wear an alarm on my neck! In case I have fallen down and I am alone ( I live alone) I must push the button on my alarm . In my room is a small appliance that connects me with a caretaker day and night. They can talk to me and I can talk to them . They have the key of my house and they come. It is really wonderful.I never knew that something like this exists!
Of course I have to pay for this but that is peanuts:-) 8 euro each month and it is quite a great comfort for my daughters!
Feb 03 2013 18:07 GMT superJoan
Marie.. How wonderful you are.....Arthritis is a painful illness, I do have it in my hands and feet also.....Nice to know that someone is at hand all the time...I am lucky enough to have one in a million husband......and as I said, dancing keeps us fit....sometimes painful to do..but when that music starts...all thoughts go out of the window and we dance on the wind...!!!!! Annamaria went with us when she stayed last year and loved to watch our age group moving around the floor... Keep posting your photographs.....lovely to hear from you...
Feb 03 2013 18:41 GMT Labkhand
Feb 03 2013 18:51 GMT Riet
Joan, Arthritis is painful and I don't envy you ( they say in Holland in such cases)
But I have arthrosis that isn't as painful as Arthritis. Arthrosis is wear and tear of the cartilage. This again can ruin nerves,......years ago the specialist in the hospital told me my right leg could be lamed and/or I could get incontinent. I am lucky, nothing happened!
Well, enough about our complaints! Enjoy your dancing! I love your saying dancing on the wind! Great! You should write poems!
You are a lucky woman with a one in a million husband! And he a lucky man :-)))
Feb 05 2013 05:42 GMT Annamaria
Nice room, Riet! Looks very comfortable!! ;-)
May 17 2013 10:28 GMT Bellavista
Your new home is so nice Riet and the view to the park is priceless! Enjoy! :-)
Jan 02 2014 21:44 GMT aquiles PRO