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candid camera


Secretely smoking! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 04 2009 12:49 GMT hans55 PRO
a great catch Riet ... i hope their parents dont watch FT !!! :-))
Jul 04 2009 12:55 GMT Riet
So do I, Hans!
Jul 04 2009 13:37 GMT charlotte
vies he
Jul 04 2009 13:53 GMT ashdad PRO
: - )
Jul 04 2009 15:59 GMT cdc PRO
lovely capture
Jul 04 2009 18:45 GMT Macfudge
I guess the "message" of not smoking has not gotten through everyone yet!:-)
Jul 04 2009 19:23 GMT Lensvision
Jul 05 2009 03:39 GMT Prikthai
Sportmens!!! Smoke!!! Nice shot from real life.
Jul 05 2009 14:31 GMT Elly
Later hebben ze hier spijt van!
Jul 05 2009 14:57 GMT Riet
Misschien.... ik schatte ze op een jaar of dertien en ze willen natuurlijk de vent uithangen.
Wat ik nog wilde zeggen was, dat we nou nog niet eens je mooie nieuwe auto van dichtbij bekeken hebben! Een volgende keer dan maar! :-)))
Jul 05 2009 23:15 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I am in the minority of long-term smokers Marie, I didn't start until I was 22.

I had a few when I was out drinking from 18-21, but never 2 days in a row.

I decided almost 30 years ago that it would be a slower and less dangerous addiction than the alcohol one I had. (Although it has become very, very expensive after the 7 major tobacco companies have begun paying the billions $ settlements to the states and they raised prices 40% - along with the State of Missouri raising the tax/pack at the same time)
Jul 06 2009 10:38 GMT Riet
I am a smoker since I was 18 and I am still alive without any diseases. I don't inhale but as my late husband was a smoker ( everybody smoked in those days) and together with the the smoke I blew in the room I got enough in my lungs I think! Nico smokes since he was a 13 year old boy. He had brothers who were older and they were his
I am with Nico now for 40 years and we had a few drinks every day but we stopped drinking alcohol about two years ago and we don't miss it at all.
We smoke shag and we make our own sigarettes...that's the cheapest:-)

I know it is not healthy but I don't feel like stopping ....if I were younger I would give it a serious thought but not on my age.
The air we breathe outside is full of bad stuff, but nobody talks about that!
Jul 10 2009 11:12 GMT vona
Riet I start this secretely smoking when I was about 7 years of age. My parents both did smoke and we where 7 children in the house and when we grew up we all started smoking. So we did smoke at least 20 cicarettes per person a day one package*7= 7 package a day. We are just two brother who smoke today. I have been in all kinds of test last three years and they do not find anything. I am as healthy and in better condition than any man on my age.
But I would not recommend smoking to any person because I know this is making something in my body and to my nerve that no doctors find.

But in the other hand I aggre with you in some way about the air we breathe outside. Who test that?