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one of my favourite painters............
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 13 2012 13:14 GMT Lie
Zonnebloemen...ja !
Feb 13 2012 14:44 GMT wijnie58
Yes indeed Riet he was a great painter....:-))
Feb 13 2012 18:03 GMT Annamaria
He sure was a great painter, Riet!!
Feb 13 2012 19:13 GMT Riet
He must have been very, very unhappy.................who knows what was going on in his brain? There are enough books about his work and life but nobody can guess what
his real feelings were.....
When I was a child 12 years old I wrote my first poem and the fiirst lines were: 'I can't understand life.....it is so great and feels so sick..........I can't understand , I am lost in an ocean.........( very difficult to translate from Dutch into English, but I guess you feel the meaning) '
I think some people never loose those feelings and that you in your comment say you understand.
Feb 13 2012 21:42 GMT Pea2007
He was indeed a great painter but his life ended in a most tragic way....what a waste .
Feb 14 2012 19:19 GMT elsje323
My favourite painter too but I also like Monet very much
Feb 14 2012 22:32 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Yes, Riet, he painted some wonderful pictures.
I'm sure you know the song "Starry Starry Night", but have you seen this slide show to accompany it?

Feb 15 2012 09:31 GMT Riet
You have done me such pleasure! You are right...I know the song. Wonderful slide show! One of my brothers, 7 years older than me was a painter too and a great admirer of Vincent, you could say I've been brought up with Vincent van Gogh. :-)
Thank you so much!
Feb 15 2012 09:47 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
You're very welcome, Riet - so glad you enjoyed it!