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A 'big' thank you' to you wonderful friends, For all the kind words, for the congratulations, for the good feeling you are giving me.
If I could I would hug each of you personally....now you'll have to be content with a photo of my happy face :)))
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Comments on this photo:

May 14 2008 21:44 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Hug would be lovely, but photo will do for now ;-))
May 14 2008 21:50 GMT Kaska
I wouldn't put it better in words than Garry :))))
happy birthday one more time to you dear Riet!!!!!!!
May 14 2008 22:05 GMT corainna
Happy birthday to you :):) happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you dear Riet!
May 14 2008 22:09 GMT ashdad PRO
Happy Birthday my friend!
May 14 2008 22:11 GMT hans55 PRO
all the best for you my dear friend !!!! :-)))
May 14 2008 22:28 GMT tomf148
belated birthday wishes
May 14 2008 22:30 GMT frajmag PRO
Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy being 39 or is it 38? Oh well enjoy anyhow.
May 14 2008 22:37 GMT Riet
38plus 40 :)))))) But you knew, didn't you;))) Lovely compliment:)
May 14 2008 23:12 GMT Macfudge
Your smile is ageless! :-)
May 14 2008 23:42 GMT moniqpl
Happy Birthday, Marie, best wishes to you :) and you look great in this portrait!
May 15 2008 02:22 GMT LisaSam67
now those are happy smiley birthday eyes!
May 15 2008 02:52 GMT Poulet PRO
It's a bit late but I have a small gift from my heart for you, my dear Riet. :)))
With LOVE. :))
May 15 2008 05:36 GMT Kurt
I'm soo sorry, that I'm too late for this....but still I want to wish you a very happy birthday, dear Riet..;-)
May 15 2008 05:38 GMT Prikthai
I wish you the best things and everything what you want!
May 15 2008 05:45 GMT Londi PRO
Happy Birthday! :+)
May 15 2008 06:27 GMT sayalio
Happy BIRTHDAY! Wish You the very best!!! *hugs*
May 15 2008 06:54 GMT gudmorning2u
Birthday Greetings RIET:-))
It's your birthday Girl..:-)
May 15 2008 07:51 GMT gudmorning2u
Have to give you
a present for your Birthday girl:-))
May 15 2008 08:10 GMT Riet
A kiss on the cheek will do :)
May 15 2008 08:30 GMT Carlimauda
Happy birthday Riet, I hope you have had a nice day!
May 15 2008 08:51 GMT abojovna PRO
Itīs image of a nice old majesty red beech in park around Kozel castle!
I wish to you full healtful and invention and love and happiness!
Happy Birthday dear friend Maria, to you!

May 15 2008 09:45 GMT kutlu01
Happy birthday Riet
May 15 2008 13:00 GMT Firecrest
Happy Birthday dear Riet and a lot of happyness:))
May 15 2008 13:06 GMT Riet
Thank you so much! Have a nice day!
May 15 2008 13:38 GMT jomoud PRO
This gave me a very big smile as well Riet:)
I hope you had a great day.
May 15 2008 16:44 GMT hallo
I'm always late, but as the Germans would say "Je spaeter die gaeste desto schoener die feste" :)
May 15 2008 17:17 GMT Riet
....und das Fest ist erst vorbei wenn der letzte Gast gegangen ist.......bist Du noch da?

Noch eine Zigarette und ein letztes Glas im steh'n?
May 15 2008 17:19 GMT iyerhari
Many many happy returns of the day my dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!
May 15 2008 17:21 GMT Riet
Thank you, Iyerhari! I really hope so!
May 15 2008 17:52 GMT Hanneke
happy birthday omi! I hope I can come visit soon :)
May 15 2008 17:52 GMT irajsalarvand
woooow riet Happy birthday...
May 15 2008 18:00 GMT Riet
Dank je wel, Hanneke! :))) Straks komt de vakantie er al weer aan...dan komt er vast wel een gelegenheid om elkaar weer eens te zien:)))
May 15 2008 18:02 GMT Riet
Thank you, iraj:)))
May 15 2008 19:36 GMT hanek
Sto Lat Riet = Happy birthday Riet !!!
May 15 2008 21:07 GMT Riet
Thank you so much, hanek for the festive video! :)))
May 15 2008 21:13 GMT Elise
Belated happy birthday to you sweetie!
May 15 2008 21:15 GMT Riet
Hi, Elise! Thanks! :)))
May 15 2008 21:29 GMT jceca PRO
where's the cake, where's the cake, where's the cakeeee ??? :-)))

it's so nice to see you THIS happy !!!
you are shining much more than those beautiful roses !!! :-)
May 16 2008 01:22 GMT LizSA
Happy Birthday my dear Riet..
what a beautiful happy photo... May God bless you in the following year....
I know it was your birthday on the 14th..... sorry I missed your Birthday Again..!!!
May 16 2008 05:52 GMT csabi
Happy Birthday dear Riet !
May 16 2008 09:42 GMT Riet
The cake has been eaten, Svet! ;)))
May 16 2008 09:49 GMT Riet
Thanks, Liz:))))Don't feel guilty...we don't do much about birthdays anyway...nomore.
getting old is wonderful and I enjoy my life every day but our energy is very low and we are very quickly tired. My daughters came by turns:)
All the birthday greetings on Ft made it very special this year! Wonderful!
May 16 2008 09:50 GMT Riet
Thank you so much, my friend! :)))
May 16 2008 11:13 GMT pp11364
May 16 2008 12:20 GMT Riet
Thank you, pp! :)))
May 16 2008 12:29 GMT gudmorning2u
Did you get loads of gifts RIET;-))
wish I could have given you a lil gift too..:-)
May 16 2008 13:01 GMT cica
Happy Birthday Riet !

here is a small gift for you... please see http://www.fotothing.com/photos/f0e/f0e7eca3abc1c260a6132052af04d521_a53.jpg

May 16 2008 13:14 GMT gudmorning2u
OH, ...OH....what...:-) your not shopping..RIET;-)
May 16 2008 13:24 GMT otilia
wonderful, wonderful lady: kiss
May 16 2008 13:25 GMT Riet
X :)))
May 16 2008 13:33 GMT Riet
You remind me, Barry...I have to get some food for the weekend. So....bye...bye:)
BTW.......knowing you were on the right place with the right company was a nice gift to me. Keep it that way! :)
May 16 2008 14:46 GMT otilia
May 16 2008 21:38 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I thought I would let you enjoy the time a little longer - so a belated Happy Birthday to a wonderful person!!

we all love you!!
May 16 2008 21:49 GMT Riet
So good to hear, Bill! Love is all :)))))
May 17 2008 04:03 GMT aquiles PRO
May 17 2008 07:47 GMT Riet
Muchas gracias, mi amigo :)