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Not sure exactly what they are selling :-)

(For those who may be unfamiliar, "hoe" is also a slang term for a woman who gets paid to have sex)
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 26 2010 03:02 GMT fhelsing PRO
anti-gravity could be useful ......

Mar 26 2010 03:04 GMT Rabbitwmn
That's true fhelsing!
Mar 26 2010 03:40 GMT jomoud PRO
an antigravity hoe????
she must be expensive
especially since she goes both ways:):):)
Wonderful humorous capture and entry.
Have a terrific weekend my friend!
Mar 26 2010 04:19 GMT teddybear2
mmm has me confused. I do like the idea of an anti gravity skateboard though as That could mean I would be able to stay on with no falls
Mar 26 2010 04:50 GMT Rabbitwmn
LOL jomoud - Thanks!
Mar 26 2010 04:50 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks teddybear2, very funny!
Mar 26 2010 05:21 GMT sini
Great find and entry!:)
Mar 26 2010 05:37 GMT senna3
Great find and entry!
Mar 26 2010 06:55 GMT Annamaria
" Only" 15 guys / girls can buy one.... ;-))

Great entry! haha
Mar 26 2010 09:30 GMT clintonfolks
lol.. funny.!
Mar 26 2010 09:33 GMT MargNZ
Ha ha .. what an intriging sign . Great entry :))
Mar 26 2010 14:27 GMT martini957
LOL.....but my thinking is that they sell garden hoes for guys & girls : ))
Mar 26 2010 14:38 GMT hans55 PRO
a very funny sign ...makes me smile !! :-))
Mar 26 2010 18:47 GMT amyplim
Curious entry!!!
Mar 26 2010 20:18 GMT SomersetDreams
lol, that's brilliant!! ;)
Hope you have a great weekend! :)
Mar 27 2010 01:56 GMT potterjo
Hope they partake of the sign I entered . LOL Anti gravity skate board would be useful.
Mar 27 2010 03:41 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks sini!
Mar 27 2010 03:41 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you senna3!
Mar 27 2010 03:42 GMT Rabbitwmn
I wasn't sure if it was that or they had 15 hoes available Annamaria!
Mar 27 2010 03:43 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you clintonfolks!
Mar 27 2010 03:44 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks MargNZ! The sign has been like this for about a month now, maye they're leaving it this way to drum up more business :-)
Mar 27 2010 03:45 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks martini957!
Mar 27 2010 03:57 GMT Rabbitwmn
Glad it put a smile on your face hans55!
Mar 27 2010 03:59 GMT Rabbitwmn
Definitely amyplim! I had to resist going in to see what the owner thought of his own sign, and see exactly what they had for sale :-))
Mar 27 2010 04:00 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you SomersetDreams, you have a good one too!
Mar 27 2010 04:01 GMT Rabbitwmn
If not useful, then at least more fun potterjo :-)
Mar 27 2010 04:42 GMT gran1
Love the sign, lol. Wonder what you could get with the antigravity accessories?? Could be very interesting!
Mar 27 2010 06:48 GMT lunacrout
Ha-ha - If it's been there for a month they've probably been getting customers coming in just to find out and then stopping to buy !!
Mar 27 2010 09:16 GMT twsottawan PRO
Human trafficking is a terrible thing. A very grave offense in most parts of the world. How much did these hoes and the 15 others fetch. I've never seen them traded so openly. What next. Auctions in the market squares.
Mar 27 2010 10:20 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks gran1. I can think of a few things the antigravity might help with, but shouldn't say here as FT is a family site :-)
Mar 27 2010 10:26 GMT Rabbitwmn
That's what I thought as well lunacrout!
Mar 27 2010 10:42 GMT Rabbitwmn
I agree with you twsottawan about human trafficking.

I think the next venue could be Winterlude in Ottawa, much larger than your regular market square ; - )
Mar 28 2010 12:40 GMT Littleollie
As this looks like a sign board that you can slid the letters and numbers in and out of, I wonder if someone has change the original message around, and I'm thinking, as a challenge to the FT community, if someone can come up with a message that fits the skateboard shop, and makes sense, from these letters; are you up for it?
Mar 28 2010 23:06 GMT Rabbitwmn
Good idea Littleollie but maybe you should put the challenge in the forums as well as here so more people will see it!

Mar 30 2010 19:35 GMT elbeaver
always nice, playing with the boards
Mar 30 2010 20:39 GMT Rabbitwmn
Go for it elbeaver, see what you can come up with using Littleollie's idea :-)