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Another of the rabbit breeds we used to show and raise. This is "Aphrodite".

The Mini Rex rabbit is also known as the "Velveteen" rabbit because of its incredibly soft fur which actually feels like velour. They weigh 4 - 4 1/2 pounds, are very friendly & make great pets..
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 19 2010 18:01 GMT martini957
awwww so cute
Feb 19 2010 18:19 GMT bandsix
what a gorgeous bunny!
Feb 19 2010 18:20 GMT Rabbitwmn
Yes, she is! Thank you martini957.
Feb 19 2010 18:21 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks bandsix!
Feb 19 2010 19:08 GMT ivabel
Cute rabbit shot. :o)
Feb 19 2010 19:17 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you ivabel !
Feb 19 2010 22:07 GMT gafaway
like velvet...
Feb 19 2010 23:16 GMT Rabbitwmn
Yes they are that soft gafaway. If you rub them in the opposite direction, the fur color actually changes just like velvet does!
Feb 19 2010 23:32 GMT junne PRO
lets see, what can i chew now. the carpet? or the wood. computer cable?
Feb 20 2010 03:33 GMT Rabbitwmn
You're right junne, they will chew on things if left to roam freely :-)

You can train them to not chew on things, make sure they have things in their area that they are allowed to chew and "rabbit-proof" the space they are allowed in. None of this is a guarantee of no chewing, but you can reduce it significantly.
Feb 20 2010 07:38 GMT junne PRO
i know, ours had the whole house, but only when we were at home.
Feb 20 2010 08:24 GMT soldier
Lovely and amazing spring feeling here!!!!!!!!!
Feb 20 2010 17:08 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks soldier!
Feb 22 2010 19:20 GMT poshbird
Feb 23 2010 02:22 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you poshbird
Apr 03 2010 19:34 GMT haftlis
So sweet !
Apr 03 2010 22:16 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks haftlis!