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It's been 8 years today since my son Ian was murdered. He was only 31 when he died.

This photo is from the second year. Until we could plant flowers etc., his loved ones painted rocks and/or put their photo on the rock.

I think of him every day.
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Comments on this photo:

May 11 2010 16:39 GMT Annamaria
Wow.... heartbraking....Linda!!
I only can imaging how hard it is to loose a child....
May 11 2010 16:56 GMT Dorado
Beautiful composition!
May 11 2010 16:59 GMT sini
That's so sad...I can imagine you think of him every day...hope you remind the good things..
May 11 2010 17:02 GMT bandsix
Something you never get over....just learn to live with as best you can. You're in my thoughts.....
May 11 2010 17:26 GMT twsottawan PRO
I'm horrified. Was the perpetrator ever caught and brought to justice. It seems that you have not obtained closure or peace with this.
May 11 2010 18:01 GMT jomoud PRO
Such a tragedy.
I cannot imagine the pain you must have felt and continue to feel.
May the happy memories you have of him somehow soothe your pain a bit.
May 11 2010 20:35 GMT hans55 PRO
i can imagine he's always in your thoughts ...not good to loose a child !!!
May 11 2010 20:59 GMT martini957
So sorry....I can only imagine how your heart hurts...God bless you my friend
May 11 2010 22:45 GMT littleweaver
a pain so great in your heart... receive my hug, my friend!
May 12 2010 00:01 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you for your thoughts Annamaria.
May 12 2010 00:01 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you Dorado!
May 12 2010 00:02 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you for your kind comments sini.
May 12 2010 00:03 GMT Rabbitwmn
You never forget bandsix, but you do move on. Thank you!
May 12 2010 00:15 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you twsottawan.

The offender was caught (his girlfriend's brother). It took 1 year to go to trial which counted as 2yrs of "dead time" for him. He received a sentence of 7 years minus the "dead time" because he pled guilty to manslaughter. Under Canadian law, you're eligible for parole after serving 1/3 of your sentence. He actually ended up serving 27 months after the trial, because he got in more trouble while he was incarcerated.

He has been back in jail 3 more times for other offences since then.

I don't think there will ever be "closure", but life does go on & you make the best of it. I have my daughter & her family, and my son's 2 daughters, so I am thankful for that.
May 12 2010 00:16 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks jomoud, yes, the memories do help some.
May 12 2010 00:16 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you hans55!
May 12 2010 00:20 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks for our thoughts martini957!
May 12 2010 00:21 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you littleweaver, I feel the hug!
May 19 2010 22:47 GMT carla53
I sympathize with you,
cherish the thought of him,
so beautiful that tomb,
I also lost my son at age 33
May 20 2010 01:26 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you for your kind words, my thoughts are with you also. We share a bond.
May 25 2010 13:52 GMT carla53
thank you
Sep 01 2010 04:16 GMT corainna
... the worth and painful thing what laife can bring us is to loose your chaild... this pain from ur heart cant be cure.. but people learne to live with thi spain.. im sorry for u cos u loos ur son, but u have to be strong.. he is somewhere where he fell ur love and he know u love him
Sep 01 2010 04:46 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you for your kind comments corainna!