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This building sits beside the buildings in the previous photos.

The Canada Hair Cloth Company

Hugh and James McSloy established the Canada Hair Cloth Company in 1884. The site was ideal because it was next to a mill-race where water wheels provided the power to run the machines. Within a few years they bought an electrical generator which used the mill wheel as its turbine making it the first company in St. Catharines to use electricity.

The Canada Hair Cloth business stayed in the family until sold in 1996.The factory made fabric for train seats, parachute silk, men's suit linings and manufactured durable cloth out of horse and/or goat hair over the course of its 123 year history.

The Welland Canal was the first Canadian canal built for both transportation and waterpower (1824–1833). St. Catharines was one of the main water-powered industrial centers along the canal. Remains of the raceways can still be seen behind the Canada Hair Cloth building and the name Race Street reminds us of the city’s hydraulic heritage.

Brock Univeristy intends to refurbish the factory as a home for its school of fine and performing arts. If the $97-million plan comes to fruition, a 900 seat concert hall, a dance venue, a studio theatre, cinema and cabaret hall would all join the school in an arts district for a city of just 132,000 people.

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May 28 2010 03:04 GMT jomoud PRO
Great shot and entry for tis week's theme.
Thank you for the interestiong information.
Have a wonderful happy weekend my friend
May 28 2010 03:08 GMT Rabbitwmn
Again, thank you jomoud!
May 28 2010 03:15 GMT martini957
WONDERFUL ENTRY...very interesting!!!!!
May 28 2010 03:52 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you martini957!
May 28 2010 04:41 GMT Pea2007
Fine architecture and entry .
May 28 2010 04:50 GMT sini
Great image and entry!:)
May 28 2010 06:58 GMT senna3
Great historical architecture entry!
May 28 2010 07:26 GMT rainbow71
A beautiful entry.
May 28 2010 07:38 GMT twsottawan PRO
They didn't make hair shirts then. Thats interesting that they should use natural cellulose as a material so long after DuPont started manufacturing plastic and polyester, nylon based fabric. Even the photographic industry switched from cellulose as an emulsion base to plastics as a film base (support). I guess they really believed in natural materials rather than petro derivatives and man made materials.
May 28 2010 08:51 GMT Annamaria
Great old building! ;-)
May 28 2010 23:32 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you Pea2007!
May 28 2010 23:32 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you sini!
May 28 2010 23:32 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thanks for the comment senna3!
May 28 2010 23:33 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you rainbow71 !
May 28 2010 23:37 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you for commenting twsottawan. Maybe due to the size & age of the building & equipment, they chose to continue what they'd always done rather than upgrade and sink a lot of money into it. Until more recently, there must have been a market for them to have survived as long as they did.
May 28 2010 23:37 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you Annamaria!
Jun 08 2010 23:39 GMT littleweaver
This is a great tendence for the old factory. Interesting story and beautiful picture.
Jun 09 2010 01:19 GMT Rabbitwmn
Thank you for the comments littleweaver!