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I'll give you 2 chances to guess what this contraption is and then I will add another hint.

Hint #1: The basket of laundry is NOT related to its purpose.

Hint #2: It spins and cuts

Hint #3: In a food establishment

Hint #4: It makes a kind of dessert

Hint #5: The hard thing the machine cuts is cold

Hint #6: How cold? It's frozen!
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 16 2005 22:14 GMT HappyPlums
orange juice making machine?
Apr 16 2005 22:33 GMT Pueo PRO
your grinding answer is on the right track but not quite. New hint above.
Apr 16 2005 22:41 GMT Pueo PRO
oh no... this was found at an eating establishment... I guess this makes hint 3.

(I may be in environmental enforcement but I am NOT the mob.)
Apr 16 2005 22:47 GMT HappyPlums
food squishing machine?
Apr 16 2005 22:48 GMT ummm411
grinder? coffeee grinder?
Apr 16 2005 22:52 GMT Pueo PRO
It does grind/cut something hard but it isn't coffee. Time for another hint.
Apr 16 2005 22:52 GMT ummm411
Apr 16 2005 22:52 GMT ummm411
Apr 16 2005 22:57 GMT Pueo PRO
the hard thing it cuts is cold
Apr 16 2005 23:02 GMT Pueo PRO
schaafijs? no not for nuts... for something frozen.
Apr 16 2005 23:06 GMT Pueo PRO
QP has messaged me the correct answer. Any other guesses?
Apr 16 2005 23:12 GMT Pueo PRO
ok time for the answer then
Apr 16 2005 23:20 GMT Pueo PRO
This is a "Shave Ice" machine. They put a block of ice in the metal ring. Then turn on the machine and the overhead plunger spins. Under the block of ice is a rather sharp blade. When the operator pulls down on the red handle it pushes the spinning plunger into the block of ice causing the ice to spin. As the ice spins the blade below shaves off fine bits of ice forming a snow-like pile. Usually folks take this "snow" and put it in a cone and then pour sugary syrup flavors over the top to make a tasty cold desert.

Voila! Shave Ice.

Unfortunately it was Sunday when we were there so the shave ice counter (located in a small part of Hamura's Saimin) was not open. Oh well. More reason to come back some other time.
Apr 16 2005 23:41 GMT HappyPlums
cool i could have never guessed
Apr 17 2005 07:28 GMT curves PRO
Oh well guess I'm too late
Apr 18 2005 21:51 GMT Pueo PRO
Sorry Curves... Next guesswhat I'll leave it for a couple of days.
Feb 12 2006 02:50 GMT gijoolee
YUM! You know what's really yummy is when you put vanilla ice cream @ the bottom of the cone first & shave ice on top.
Feb 12 2006 03:30 GMT Pueo PRO
indeed. Good with Azuki Beans too.