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Beijing Olympics 2008 Mascots (2 of 3)

These pictures were taken about a month ago at the Honolulu Festival, a multi-cultural event. These were rather large representations of the 2008 Olympic Mascots that were walking around the Hawaii Convention Center during the festival. They appeared to be large plastic suits made out of the same kind of material a beach ball might be made of. They were likely inflated in much the same way. What was somewhat a concern to me was that there were actual people inside these suits and I wondered if they were able to breathe fresh air or just had to keep re-breathing the air the suit was filled with. None of the mascots seemed to be in any oxygen distress while I took these pictures. I didn't, however, watch them long enough to really see any of them do much but stand there. I'm assuming they all went home safely.

This mascot appearance occurred before the Free Tibet protests really began in earnest. As you can see, there wasn't any security for the mascots.

Find out more about the mascots and what they are here:
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 21 2008 10:46 GMT ldhill62
happy kids :))
Apr 21 2008 20:26 GMT Pueo PRO
they sure were having a good time