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Okay so it isn't a triceratops but it is a three-horned lizard and it lives in my yard.

He is a Jackson's Chameleon.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chamaeleo_jacksonii http://www.hear.org/species/chamaeleo_jacksonii/

Although there are wild populations around Hawaii, there aren't any known populations around where I live so it is a bit of a mystery how this one came to be in my yard. Probably some neighbor kid dropped him off in our yard after his mom refused to allow him to keep it. Anyway, it appears he's alone so no need to worry about being overrun by chameleons any time soon. Hopefully he'll stay around and help control the pest bug population. That would be nice.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 02 2007 03:20 GMT stuboy
Cool :)
Oct 02 2007 03:31 GMT fhelsing PRO
I wouldn't mind having one of those in my yard!
Oct 02 2007 03:39 GMT Pueo PRO
they are pretty fun animals. They're slow, don't make noise, don't really bite, they change color, and they eat bugs. Its a winning combination in my estimation.
Oct 02 2007 08:55 GMT ldhill62
good shot :))
Oct 02 2007 09:09 GMT Pueo PRO
He hardly moved so it was easier to get a good shot. A cooperative subject.
Oct 02 2007 09:45 GMT Pam
Strange creature (to my eyes anyway). Unusual pet! (keep us informed of his progress)
Oct 02 2007 10:02 GMT Pueo PRO
I'll keep you posted... if I can find him again. They may be slow but they do know how to blend in.
Oct 02 2007 18:56 GMT Lensvision
That's something special to have in the yard, I hope he stays too.
Oct 02 2007 18:58 GMT BobdeGroot
Great shot of this chameleon !!
Oct 02 2007 19:27 GMT bennystr
Fantastic shot!
Oct 02 2007 21:30 GMT sini
Great capture!:)
Oct 02 2007 23:21 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks bob
Oct 02 2007 23:21 GMT Pueo PRO
thanks ben
Oct 02 2007 23:21 GMT Pueo PRO
Mahalo Sini
Oct 03 2007 01:09 GMT Poulet PRO
Great shot, Pueo!
Thanks for the info. :))
Oct 03 2007 01:25 GMT ashdad PRO
Neat lizard!
Oct 03 2007 02:56 GMT Pueo PRO
a pleasure as always Poulet!
Oct 03 2007 02:57 GMT Pueo PRO
ashdad, he really is neat. Hopefully I can find him again.
Oct 03 2007 03:31 GMT Hamin PRO
Macro magnificence !
Oct 03 2007 03:50 GMT Pueo PRO
he does have great texture. wonderful at original size.
Apr 16 2008 19:49 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Wow! Really interesting.
Apr 16 2008 19:54 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks FS