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hawaii mudhen alae bird endagered moorhen feeding wildlife


More little `Alae
Waimea Valley Audubon Center --Oahu, Hawaii

As promised here's a closer picture of these rare 'Alae with me feeding them. The birds are funny in that they kind of know they're the stars of the place. You can see them run up and get the food while the other birds (those grey zebra doves) kind of hang back waiting to come in and pick up the missed pieces of food here and there. Of course if one of the 'Alae feels the grey birds are crowding too much one of them will let out a little honk and the grey birds scatter for a bit giving the 'Alae room. Its an interesting dynamic.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 18 2004 03:42 GMT Pueo PRO
Well they are friendly in the park (likely because they associate humans with food) but in the real world they are really shy birds hanging out mostly in the brush around marshes and such. This is why its actually rather difficult to figure out exactly how many of these birds there are out in the wild. They are so rarely seen. So this, at least for humans, is a real treat. For the birds this is more like their 3rd lunch ;)
Oct 18 2004 03:48 GMT PennyLane PRO
Do they ever get too fat to fly from eating too much? :)
Jul 06 2006 15:43 GMT LittleDaisy
thats so sweet anyway :-)) charming!