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Another Classic Car

After a little research, I believe this car is a 55 Chevy Bel Air hardtop. The 55 Chevy was the first Chevy to feature a V-8 engine.

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Comments on this photo:

Aug 02 2007 09:29 GMT fotomark
nice car
Aug 02 2007 10:12 GMT Pueo PRO
Yup, it is a true classic. It sure beats the styling of my little Corolla.
Aug 02 2007 13:55 GMT Zoopy7
simson?? howed you do that???=)
Aug 02 2007 14:12 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful classic car!
I bet Mr.Green love it! ;)))
Aug 02 2007 18:34 GMT Lensvision
It's gorgeous!!
Aug 03 2007 09:01 GMT Pueo PRO
To put my Simpson character in I used Gimpshop. It is a port of the opensource graphics editor GIMP. Gimpshop attempts to make the look and feel of GIMP more like Photoshop.

I got my Simpsons Avatar from http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/ (you could also use http://www.simpsonizeme.com ).

Then after downloading the avatar I opened it in Gimpshop.

After selecting my character, I copied him to the clipboard.

I opened my photo of the car in Gimpshop.
I created a new layer on top of the original photo and pasted my character in that layer.

I moved around the character until I got his head in the right spot.
Then, I erased all the parts of my character that should appear to be hidden by parts of the car.

I flattened the layers of the image and exported it as a JPG so I could upload it here.
Aug 03 2007 09:02 GMT Pueo PRO
Yes Poulet,

It was a thrill to be so near such a beautifully maintained 55 Chevy. Mr. Green got an even better look at the car than I did.
Aug 03 2007 09:07 GMT Pueo PRO
Lensvision, yes if only General Motors would return to the exciting shapes and lines of the old classics maybe they wouldn't be having such terrible trouble selling their cars today.
Aug 03 2007 10:34 GMT nzshutter PRO
Another awesome piece of GM machinery!! Excellent shot! :)
Aug 05 2007 14:25 GMT GRAMPIE PRO
Real pretty example of a real pretty car. The 289 V8 introduced in '55 was indeed a great advance (especially the fuel injected version which came along in '67), over the straight 6. However, brakes and suspension left much to be desired. And, of course, like most cars of the day, these were very prone to body rot. G
Aug 06 2007 21:34 GMT Kaydi
wow, thats a nice car.
Aug 06 2007 21:40 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks for the info Grampie. If rust was a problem I have to wonder how much of this car is original metal and how much is composite and bondo ;).
Aug 07 2007 01:01 GMT LisaSam67
What a beauty! Thanks for the add too!!!! :-)
Aug 07 2007 01:04 GMT Pueo PRO
It is a nice car. If nothing else, it is quite something to look at. You're welcome on the add.
Aug 15 2007 02:09 GMT wifey
Cool car. The Simpson addition is charming.
Aug 15 2007 02:39 GMT Pueo PRO
thanks. I was trying my hand at photo editing.
Feb 20 2008 03:59 GMT martini957
Feb 21 2008 00:41 GMT Pueo PRO
thanks Martini