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Vroom Vroom!

A classic car at the Father's Day car show.
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 27 2007 05:40 GMT hans55 PRO
great car !!!
Jul 27 2007 11:55 GMT ldhill62
cool shot :))
Jul 27 2007 12:12 GMT ashdad PRO
I love those old Studebakers!
Jul 27 2007 15:06 GMT Poulet PRO
Hi Mr.Green! ;))
Great find!
Beautiful classic car!

Have a beautiful weekend, Pueo. :))

Jul 27 2007 19:16 GMT Lensvision
Great car!
Jul 28 2007 09:41 GMT gwen83
Cool car....
Jul 28 2007 09:42 GMT Pueo PRO
Yup there was only one Studebaker at the show. It looked like it was in prime condition. You know, by today's standards it probably isn't the fastest of cars but it sure looks fast and exciting even when it's just parked. Maybe cars will look this exciting again some day.
Jul 28 2007 09:44 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Poulet!

I'm playing with Mr. Green and putting him in different photos.
Jul 29 2007 02:15 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Gwen.
Jul 29 2007 04:07 GMT jackbadger56
The other end of the Studebaker spectrum........


......like yours, heavily modified, but for a different planet!

Well spotted ; )
Aug 01 2007 03:08 GMT GRAMPIE PRO
It would be interesting to know what percentage of the car is still "Studebaker", the drive train I would guess not at all. Such a tasteful modification. Removing the bumpers really enhances the original design. Great shot, thanks...
Aug 02 2007 08:24 GMT Pueo PRO
Grampie, I am not very knowledgeable about what an original Studebaker looked like or had on the inside but I liked the relatively understated modifications to this car. There were some Model Ts and some VW bugs that looked very little like their originals did.
Aug 02 2007 14:00 GMT Zoopy7
simson agian...thats real cool pueo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 02 2007 14:16 GMT nicoalfredo
Aug 03 2007 09:09 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Zoopy
Aug 03 2007 09:14 GMT Pueo PRO

Honestly I don't know much about the Studebaker but I can only assume that a lot has changed for the car over 50 years. I suppose most cars don't come with injection rams ;).

BTW- Nice Aston Martin. They always remind me of James Bond.
Aug 03 2007 10:32 GMT nzshutter PRO
These cars have such wonderful curves!! I just love them. Great shot Pueo!!
Aug 05 2007 14:15 GMT GRAMPIE PRO
These 40's (and later) Studebakers were designed by the great American designer Raymond Loewy, inspired by WWII fighter planes I believe; were very advanced for their time, I remember them well from my boyhood. It's interesting to see one "hot-rodded", they were overlooked for a long time in favor of fords and chevies.
Aug 06 2007 21:45 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks for the info here too. It does kind of look like a plane. The steering wheel was pretty interesting too (sorry no photo) it had that bullet tip shape in the center. Of course, the bullet shape was probably not terribly good to have in a car crash.
Aug 07 2007 00:05 GMT Jakeobean
Pueo....beautiful old Studebaker "Bullet-Nose"...these cars and their design were way before their time....the styling was fabulous as was your photograph....
Aug 07 2007 00:10 GMT Pueo PRO
thanks jakeobean! Yup, it is too bad that exciting car designs like these aren't being really made on cars today.
Aug 15 2007 02:09 GMT wifey
Looks like a rocket engineer designed this one… very cool and unique.
Aug 15 2007 02:37 GMT Pueo PRO
yes wifey, to me the circular front is reminiscent of the rotor area of a prop plane
Feb 20 2008 04:00 GMT martini957
unique find...beautiful
Feb 21 2008 00:46 GMT Pueo PRO
they don't make them like this anymore