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Rainbow on Ocean

What you're looking at is a picture of a rainbow hovering directly over the ocean. I was taking this picture from above. You see, I was on the passenger deck of this large, fast-moving ship known as the Hawaii Superferry (more on the ship, the interesting trip, and the controversy later).

It was late morning, the sun was almost overhead. The ship's hull swiftly cutting through the water cast a fine spray out over the ocean. The coincidence of sunlight, fine water droplets, and my high angle of view made this photo possible. Not many people appeared to have noticed but I did... and it's something you don't see every day.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 16 2007 13:01 GMT iyerhari
Great...........lovely shot!!!
Oct 16 2007 13:27 GMT ldhill62
well spotted :))
Oct 16 2007 14:52 GMT Poulet PRO
This is special and beautiful!!
Oct 16 2007 17:52 GMT Lensvision
Great find.
Oct 16 2007 19:23 GMT bennystr
Fabulous blue, and great capture!
Oct 16 2007 19:46 GMT BobdeGroot
So the big bucket with gold at the end of the rainbow was on board ?
Nice shot!
Oct 18 2007 03:39 GMT Pueo PRO
Yeah, maybe the gold ended up in some person's car in the vehicle deck below
Oct 20 2007 22:43 GMT Joy34 PRO
great shot. I don't think the superferry is going to end up with gold and for the life of me I can not understand what is going on with of it. I would love to see the ferry working. I don't understand the objections.
Oct 24 2007 04:44 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Anytime you facilate travel to places that were previously harder to get to, people complain that they will be overrun with people that don't "appreciate" the area.

We have similar problems here on the continental side :)
Oct 24 2007 04:44 GMT DragonSpeed PRO
Oh - Pueo: NICE shot!
Oct 24 2007 21:59 GMT Pueo PRO
Joy, the objections are mainly:
a) Non-Oahu Hawaii residents don't want the "evil" that apparently we harbor here. The traffic, the crime, real-estate development, the people crowding the surf-breaks. But what about the money, jobs, and opportunity for alternate modes of transportation? This argument is largely one where people are resistant to change.


b) Environmental concerns. I could go in depth about the subject because this interests me but it would take a while. Suffice to say that there are concerns of the Superferry hitting, injuring, and possibly killing whales. The ship is very large and slices through the water at around 45 miles per hour. At those speeds the Superferry could cause a lot of damage to marine life caught in its way. I actually saw dolphins on my trip to Maui. There is also the very real possibility that alien species could be carried by vehicles traveling inter-island so frequently. I don't know about you, but I would really like to keep my neighborhood coqui frog free. I'm sure Kaui would like to stay free of mongoose. The Big Island would likely prefer there not be any varroa mites attacking their bees.

c) The State of Hawaii and the Superferry on several levels just failed to follow the law. The law is clear. Whenever the State and or Federal government does a major action they are required by both Federal and State laws to conduct at the very least an Environment Assesment in order to determine if such actions would result in primary and or secondary environmental harm. The State and Federal governments erroneously waived the Environmental Assesment requirement and the Supreme Court of Hawaii ruled against those waivers. If the State and the Superferry had conducted the Environmental Assesment two years ago when the issue was brought up they would have already been done at least a year ago and probably be operating right now.


And now, in order to save the Superferry from its premature death, the politicians are being forced to approve a plan that lets Superferry beat the Hawaii Environmental Protection Act by allowing it to operate regardless of not having done a proper Environmental Assessment. We shall see.
Oct 25 2007 17:53 GMT Joy34 PRO
Thank you so much for your very thoughtful explanation. I knew you could give me the straight scoop on it. Mahalo my friend...............
Oct 25 2007 17:55 GMT Joy34 PRO
Loved the cartoons......... I hadn't seen them...............
Oct 25 2007 21:11 GMT Pueo PRO
The political cartoons are short and often to the point. I think Prichett gets it right much of the time.

And here's some Corky Trinidad cartoons on the subject:

On environmental impact:

On the EIS

On Whales

On Superferry officials finally talking to legislators:

On ferry protesters:

On Lingel's involvement

On the political fight

And... the Superferry possibly following the Pride of Aloha:
Oct 25 2007 22:37 GMT LisaSam67
that is awesome
Oct 25 2007 22:41 GMT LisaSam67
so this is a new thing over there! oh i hate flying and when i lived on Maui in 1990-1991 it was the only way to go from island to island and then you had to rent a car and deal with airports and YUK.... this would have been way more my speed
Oct 26 2007 06:01 GMT Pueo PRO
That's right. The Superferry is new to the islands. I sure would love to drive my car around the islands. I think it would be fun. Of course, I still think certain environmental concerns should be properly addressed before the ferry gets the green light.
Oct 26 2007 18:38 GMT Joy34 PRO
Loved the catoons. I don't take the newspapers anymore since my husband passed away. I should check them on line. They really go to the core of things. Thanks so much............... mahalo