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"Telly" the Talipot Palm

Read more about Telly in the last photo

and Telly's very own blog here:
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 05 2007 00:45 GMT Detalhes
great find. beautifully snapped.
Apr 05 2007 09:55 GMT Pam
Amazing photo, and thanks for the description too. Is that little green notice at the front the one that's in your next photo? That shows just how big this is! Thank you for telling us about this!
Apr 05 2007 17:13 GMT Lensvision
Amazing palm!!
Apr 05 2007 18:25 GMT Pueo PRO
That's right Pam, that little green sign in this picture is the same as the one in the next picture. In fact, the sign is actually about 10 feet closer to the camera than the tree is. So you can try and factor that into your estimation of size.

Here's another comparison, each one of those flower sprays is longer than I am tall (I'm 5 foot 6 inches).
Apr 06 2007 00:17 GMT TE4SE
cool that looks so nice..:)
Apr 06 2007 02:40 GMT DonMussell PRO
In what part of town is that tree located?
Apr 07 2007 17:47 GMT Pueo PRO
It's in the Foster Botanical Gardens along Vineyard St. near downtown Honolulu. Foster gardens has a great collection of amazing specimen plants. The Talipot Palm is just so massive. Whenever I stand next to it I feel as if I've traveled back to the time of the dinosaurs. It is definitely an awesome and humbling experience. Especially so when the tree is in bloom.
Apr 10 2007 08:27 GMT DonMussell PRO
Thanks for the info. I'll be in town for a couple of days next week, so now I have something else to do!
Apr 11 2007 03:42 GMT Pueo PRO
Yup, Telly will be there. There's all sorts of great specimen trees/plants at Foster Gardens. You can find the Sausage Tree, Cacao plant, Allspice Tree, a whole host of orchids, the Baobab (of Little Prince fame), Bodhi Tree (Buddha's Tree), and even the Vanilla vine. It isn't exactly a great repository of native Hawaiian plants (you'll want to go to Lyon Arboretum for that) but there's certainly a lot of great plants to see there nonetheless.