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Hot Pot

Chinese Hot Pot (Huo Guo) is a kind of meal style where a heated soup is used to cook your meal as you go.

My family went to the restaurant, Little Sheep Hot Pot to have a nice hot meal on a chilly day. (Note: This picture is from December in the SF Bay Area.)

The hot soup, is placed in pots over burners set in the table. Then, raw meats, vegetables, etc. are brought to the table and you cook it in the boiling soup as you go. Of course, if you end up overcooking or undercooking the food you only really have yourself to blame. That or the other people at your table ;).
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 01 2008 01:07 GMT Poulet PRO
Hot and Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Sometimes we eat Hot Pot at home, Pueo. :)))
Mar 01 2008 01:13 GMT Pueo PRO
Some day we'll be brave and try it at home ourselves. We'd just need to get a pot/burner for the dining table. The restaurant was pretty convenient and reasonably priced too.
Mar 01 2008 01:13 GMT BobdeGroot
Great entry.
Looks yummie
Mar 01 2008 02:26 GMT Haw59 PRO
That is a hot entry. I like the note of where you were at the time. It don't get that cold here.
Mar 01 2008 03:44 GMT Pueo PRO
yeah, we wouldn't be wearing that attire here. Hot pot restaurants don't really sound that good for Hawaii unless there's some air conditioning involved.
Mar 01 2008 05:49 GMT Squirrel PRO
GOOD SHOT OF HOT POT FOR HOT FRIDAY.............................................................
Mar 01 2008 09:02 GMT ldhill62
like this :))
Mar 01 2008 18:19 GMT bennystr
Excellent entry!
Mar 01 2008 18:44 GMT Lensvision
That looks good.
Mar 01 2008 19:33 GMT ashdad PRO
Great entry! Looks like a delicious meal.
Mar 02 2008 16:18 GMT Adamus
Wonderful entry.
Mar 02 2008 22:37 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Squirrel
Mar 02 2008 22:37 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Idhill
Mar 02 2008 22:37 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Benny
Mar 02 2008 22:38 GMT Pueo PRO
it was pretty tasty Lensvision.
Mar 02 2008 22:39 GMT Pueo PRO
Yes. Tasty and filling. Not terribly expensive either for what you get.
Mar 02 2008 22:39 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Adamus
Mar 04 2008 06:10 GMT Pueo PRO
Good eating indeed
Mar 04 2008 23:38 GMT palakol
Lovely Capture.. c",)
Mar 04 2008 23:42 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Palako
Mar 05 2008 02:59 GMT karlbark
Mmmh....looks delicious :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Mar 05 2008 20:53 GMT Pueo PRO
yes. quite tasty Karl
Mar 16 2008 13:37 GMT styxpix
Never seen that before!
Mar 16 2008 19:37 GMT Pueo PRO
It's lots of fun Styxpix. Especially when it's cold outside. Glad I could share it with you.
Mar 24 2008 04:47 GMT Donoma
We've got lots of restaurant for this cuisine in Korea. We call it Shah-bu-shah-bu.
Yes, it's easy, but pretty good. The important tip is the soup, of course, fresh meat and vegetalbes, if you like you add fresh seafood, like shirimps, shellfish... We can make soup depends on you. seaweed, onion, garlic, beef bones(you should check if it had mad cow disease, though) and plus soy sauce.. Enjoy it!
Mar 24 2008 21:58 GMT Pueo PRO
Yes, we used to have Shabu shabu restuarants here too. They are very similar in nature to Hot Pot.