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Hawaii Superferry

This is a view of the Superferry from Nimitz Highway. There is no way to get a good full view of the ship from Pier 19 itself. For a sense of scale, view the next photo.

The Hawaii Superferry is currently not sailing to the other Hawaiian Islands because of a court injunction. The injunction is in place because the Superferry project failed to conduct an Environmental Assesment or an Environmental Impact Statement. Without the EA or EIS the Superferry should not have sailed. Despite a court ruling, the Superferry did sail to Kaui and Maui for two days. I actually rode the ferry largely out of curiosity. It may be a nice operation but there are surely reasons for concern.

For more information on the Superferry controversy, you can read my October 24 comments on:
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2007 00:09 GMT iyerhari
lovely pic:)
Oct 26 2007 00:46 GMT ashdad PRO
That is a big ferry!
Oct 26 2007 05:57 GMT Pueo PRO
The ferry can hold at least 200 cars and 700 people.
Oct 26 2007 18:18 GMT Lensvision
And I thought my country was picky on environmental stuff.
Oct 30 2007 21:38 GMT Pueo PRO
Well the problem here is that the government failed to follow its own laws. It's only after it went through several layers of government up to the Supreme Court of Hawaii that the government finally admitted that they should have followed the Hawaii Environmental Protection Act.

How can so many people in government could let the environmental "elephant in the room" stand there without addressing it is beyond me.

And now, the legislature is looking to approve a bill that would allow the Superferry run while the EIS is being conducted. This is clearly circumventing the HEPA that says they had to complete the EIS BEFORE letting the Superferry sail.