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Spice it up!
Hamura's Saimin

While waiting for my tasty bowl of saimin I shot this picture of the condiments sitting there on the orange formica table. It was quite a range from your common pepper to what appeared to be fresh chili peppers in vinegar (they were likely grown in someone's garden on a bush like this one: http://www.fotothing.com/Pueo/photo/d3cec5363481c6f84e8920d7d95f00b6/start=26). There was also some hot sauce, the dark almost-black liquid on the right is soy sauce, and finally that squat container in front filled with yellow stuff... yes that's Chinese hot mustard.

To be honest, I didn't use any of the condiments except the hot mustard but I guess if I had wanted to really clear up my sinuses I could have tried everything they offered on the counter ;).
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 12 2005 22:04 GMT Misato12k
cool photo! :)I've never tried Chinese hot mustard, is it really hot? :p
Apr 12 2005 22:32 GMT Pueo PRO
Its pretty spicy. It's a different kind of spicy than chili peppers though. At first the taste is a little like grey poupon mustard but you wait a bit and it gives a little kick which if you've taken too much will make your nose run (maybe like you're almost about to sneeze) and your eyes water... and then you start reaching for the water to wash it down a bit ;).

The usual method of use is to put a little scoop (that beige stick coming out of the container is a little spoon) of the mustard in the small dish there, pour a little soy sauce on top and mix the mustard with it. Then when you have dimsum, wonton or some other appetizer you want to spice up you dip it in your mustard/soy sauce mix. Personally I just dropped a bit of the mustard directly on my saimin to give it a little extra flavor.
Apr 13 2005 00:27 GMT curves PRO
I would have done the same
Apr 13 2005 01:00 GMT PennyLane PRO
you are a wealth of information, pueo! aand a fine photographer :)
Feb 12 2006 02:44 GMT gijoolee
Feb 12 2006 02:47 GMT gijoolee
When I go back to HI I will make a special trip just to Kauai to eat @ Hamura's!!! Yes, I will pay the RT airfare for a bowl of Hamura's saimin, BBQ chicken sticks, & Diamond Head strawberry soda.
Feb 12 2006 03:37 GMT Pueo PRO
Well you should see more than just Hamura's there. There's a lot of fun things to see on Kauai.
Feb 13 2006 03:25 GMT gijoolee
Unless you grew up there - then it's kinda boring. I couldn't wait to move.
Feb 14 2006 01:37 GMT Pueo PRO
oh well... yes it is a small island. I suppose there are only so many times you can see the Kilaeua Lighthouse (and bird sanctuary), the Waimea Canyon, the Alakai Swamp, big winter waves, and the beautiful Napali Coast. There isn't much "night life" but certainly a lot of interesting things to see during the day.

Of course we all take things for granted wherever we live.

I live on Oahu so its always a treat to go back to Kauai and see how things are there.