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Pueo full of children

This is the sculpture known as Pueo. It is a public art piece. I believe it was made out of heavy steel or iron. It is located just in front of the Kaimuki High School auditorium. The High School was having a musical, West Side Story, and at intermission the restless little-ones ran everywhere... including around and through the Pueo. I am pretty sure that Pueo was not meant as a piece of playground equipment but it was very well built so I guess a few curious little kids poking through it shouldn't damge it that much. At least that's probably what the parents were thinking.

btw- Pueo is the native Hawaiian owl:
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2008 21:45 GMT Haw59 PRO
You already have a sculpture named for you. At such a young age. Wow.
Mar 28 2008 21:50 GMT Pueo PRO
Ahh don't I wish. My mother used to teach here, and this sculpture has been around as long as I can remember. Who knows, I may have climbed through the eye of Pueo a time or two myself.
Mar 28 2008 22:12 GMT bennystr
Fascinating pic and info!
Mar 29 2008 00:35 GMT Poulet PRO
So cool, Pueo!!!
It's a cool and cute sculpture. Great entry!

And, thanks for the info. :))
Mar 29 2008 00:37 GMT Pueo PRO
Glad you liked it Benny
Mar 29 2008 00:37 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Poulet
Mar 29 2008 00:51 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks for posting it to the theme forum for me as well :)
Mar 29 2008 02:10 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent shot.
Thanks for the explanation.
Terrific entry to this week's theme.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Mar 29 2008 03:10 GMT fhelsing PRO
that's a wonderful sculpture!
Mar 29 2008 12:14 GMT BobdeGroot
Nice piece of art
Mar 29 2008 19:01 GMT Lensvision
A multifunctional sculpture.
Mar 30 2008 23:51 GMT Pueo PRO
yes, great for engaging art lovers.... adults and children alike.