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Hawaii Democratic Caucus 2008 (2/5)

The crowds were huge, the lines were long, this is probably the most exciting Democratic Caucus the party has ever had. At my polling place there were at least 2000 people who came to vote for a candidate. Here in Hawaii we don't have presidential primaries. We have a caucus to decide the presidential nominee. In the past the caucuses were lucky if they had 200 people show up but this year people turned out in droves all across Hawaii.

There are many reasons why there was such a high turn out. The big reason being that because the delegate numbers for Clinton and Obama are so close that our delegates may actually make a difference in choosing the Democratic Party's presidential nominee this year. The other factor, of course, is that Barack Obama was born and raised here in Hawaii. Nobody knows when the next time a Hawaii born candidate will be this close to the presidency again.

The polling places all were running out of everything, voter registration forms, party registration forms, and most critical of all they ran out of official voting ballots. Some people were voting on hand-written ballots:

Nonetheless, despite the fact that it took almost an hour to cast my vote I was happy to have participated in my first Democratic Caucus and see history in the making. Maybe now the Democratic Party will look more like the "People's Party".

Local News coverage of the Hawaii Democratic Caucuses:
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Feb 21 2008 17:07 GMT Pam
Great series!
Feb 21 2008 22:46 GMT Pueo PRO
Thanks Pam