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............LONG LIVE THE KING................

Dear all,
I'd like to thank you so much for all your concerned and very kind messages to me.
It might sounds so serious of what happened here. But I'd like to tell that we all are so fine and happy. It's quite strange to be happy with the revolution BUT at this time, almost all of Thai people are really happy with it.
This is the first time that all of Commander in Chiefs joined this performed. This is tell a lot......especially for Thai people and some of my friends here who always know what happened over here sometimes ago...............

Once again, thank you so much. Right now, everthing is BACK TO NORMAL.

Poulet :))
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 20 2006 01:28 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Poulet I'm so worried about you! What in the world is going on?
Sep 20 2006 01:42 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much Bill,
Right now almost everthing is back to normal except some TV. programmes turned to update news.
There'll be statement announce within 15 minutes. :))))
Sep 20 2006 01:46 GMT Poulet PRO
HQN, thank you so mcuh.
I think It's quite hard to accept the revolution BUT, only this time almost all Thai people are really happy with it......we never want to have bad PM, HQN...and when we can't stand anymore........it might be the only way to get rid of him.........

As I'd tell Bill.....almost everything is back to normal......
Again, thank you so much !!! :)))
Sep 20 2006 01:48 GMT Kire403
it worries me since I am going to visit Thailand again by October 2006.. I hope by that time.. everything will be alright and peaceful... thanks for the updates... u take care always OK?

Erick C.
Sep 20 2006 01:50 GMT DGM
Your military is awake active and nationalistic!
Sep 20 2006 01:53 GMT Poulet PRO
Almost everthing is back to normal right now except some TV. channels changed all ebtertainment prgs. into news.
I'm quite sure everthing will beack to normal in October and you will enjoy your visiting here.

Thank you so much for your kind words and concerned Erick. :)))
Sep 20 2006 01:55 GMT Poulet PRO
DGM.....yes,......all of them are with us to protect our King !! ;)))
Sep 20 2006 02:36 GMT LuisBarbera
I'm happy to know you are ok and for you are good news
Sep 20 2006 03:31 GMT junne PRO
long live his majesty the king of thailand !!!
Sep 20 2006 04:55 GMT victoto
We wish you, Poulet, can conduct your life with same marvelous sympaty and harmony as made it to day ...SALUDOS for you and all beloved.
Sep 20 2006 04:57 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Poulet I have been watching the news all night and am glad to read that the coup was peaceful. You will be in my prayers tonite.
Sep 20 2006 06:11 GMT Scarlett PRO
I'm so glad to read your words Poulet!!! I really was worry eralier this morning, but now, I feel better.. Happy to understand than finally you all seem happy of the go back normal situation§!
Take care of you and of your family Poulet!! ;))
Sep 20 2006 06:29 GMT xevirbs
I received the new this morning, driving to my work. I'm glad to know that everything is OK
Sep 20 2006 06:56 GMT Thula
I only heard the news on the radio but I haven't read about it, yet. But I'm glad to hear (in your words) that everything is OK. I have beautiful memories of my visit to Thailand years ago. All my best wishes to Thai people.
Sep 20 2006 10:56 GMT Agoraphobia
We are all happy :)))
Sep 20 2006 11:20 GMT luizroberto
thank you for notice about. God bless you.
Sep 20 2006 12:03 GMT will
Colorful and really stunning photo pouLet!!
Sep 20 2006 13:29 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much for all friendship and your kindness. :))
Sep 20 2006 13:34 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much for the news clipping, Khun ju !! :))
Sep 20 2006 13:44 GMT litz
So happy hearing the news this early morning my dear friend Poulet! i knew yesterday around 19:35 when our friend Joe sent me the news and the web link... PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL IN THE KINDOM OF THAILAND!!!!
Sep 20 2006 14:21 GMT bennystr
I join the others here, I'm glad that everything is OK!
Sep 20 2006 19:53 GMT ferrariwalter
I am happy to hear on tv that you Thai people are ok and there was no bloodshed and public life is as good as normal. :-))
Sep 20 2006 21:46 GMT helton
.........i'll keep praying ...my precious Poulet.....be calm......Everything is going to be OK........take cares...& a blessed day..my precious friend........
Sep 21 2006 00:24 GMT iyerhari

I head that the next PM will resume within a weeks time ?
Sep 21 2006 10:56 GMT Minz PRO
You are in our thoughts at this time!
Praying for a good outcome for everyone.
Sep 21 2006 11:08 GMT Poulet PRO
Iyer, yes. :))
Sep 21 2006 11:09 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you SO MUCH for all very kind words and wishes. :)))
Sep 21 2006 21:56 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 22 2006 14:51 GMT soldier
Yesss... I wish the same!
Sep 23 2006 09:23 GMT PaP67
friendliness and kindliness is my message.
the way to the best as possible democraty has always to be searched, and it is an unendly way !
la sagesse boudhiste devrait aider à réfléchir !
Sep 23 2006 16:39 GMT hbla PRO
I'm relieved and glad things are turning out for the better! thanks for easing our minds :)
Sep 25 2006 01:00 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much !!! :)))