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Dear FT friends,
Thank you so much for your concerned about the situation in Bangkok. We all are safe and fine but I can't go out to take more pic and have no time to play here.

Here's a A PUBLICLY DISCLOSED LETTER to CNN and Dan Rivers which my friends and I wrote to them.

I'll be back to visit you all as soon as I can.
Miss u. XXX


As regular CNN viewers, may we speak out to you that your quality of reporting of the Bangkok incident lately have let us down. It seems the journalists are inaccurate on their reports for the ongoing acts of violence by the red shirt protesters in Bangkok. Your reportings are obviously contradicting to the ones reported by most of the local newspaper and other foreign correspondence. Some facts have deliberately been omitted to distort the real situation in the city. This also extents to your explainer articles in CNN.com. Examples are as follows...

1. There hardly is any report from CNN of violent harassment on ordinary citizens by the red shirts. This can be seen on the daily lives of people living or working in the area of the demonstration.

2. There is almost no information shown that the army is mainly using rubber bullets to quell the protesters. Had live ammunitions been used, the number of casualties would have been enormous. Also pictures portraying the use of weapons by the redshirt have not been shown, which is contrary to other local and international journalists. Pictures of the redshirts using guns, motolov, fire bombs and etc. can be seen on Thai newspapers and European news agencies including BBC.

3. There have hardly been any reporting of the men in black, acknowledged by the core red shirt leaders as their helpers, shooting live ammunition using heavy equipments such as M79. These are reported and shown in video footages by other international agencies.

4. In many previous clashes, CNN has deliberately failed to report on the casualties of the military, many of which total more than civilians especially during the initial stage of the protest clashes in which the military are unarmed but hit by live ammunitions.

5. CNN has failed to report about the nature of most of the participants of the protest, a majority of which have come from the rural area without true understanding of the objective of the protest. It is widely known that a portion of them were paid to participate. While many were coerced to join with the promise to help clear their personal debts in the near future.

6. CNN has never done any in-depth report on the nature of the source of funding of this protest; which are understood by the general public in Thailand as to have come from the ousted PM Taksin Shinnawatra using money corrupted from the people of Thailand during his term in office. Also it has failed to include in its summary (of the reason leading to the protest) that the supreme court has found him unanimously guilty of implementing policies that benefits his family businesses accounting to several hundreds of billion baht. And also that he is a fugitive on the run, not for political problems, but for corruption charges that have already been found guilty in court.

These few examples shown to you, may assist you to reevaluate your quality of work. Retro analysis on your reportings compared to local news and other international ones may also be of help.

Please do not forget that journalists are looked upon as "the fourth estate". Any biased, careless or irresponsible news as found in yellow journalism should not be a part of your organization. As your long-timed viewer, we hope you will consider this information and use it to raise your standard of work to be the trusting news agency that you claim to be!

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Comments on this photo:

May 17 2010 02:46 GMT ashdad PRO
Glad to hear you are okay.
May 17 2010 02:48 GMT hans55 PRO
very sad ... good to hear that your fine !!!
May 17 2010 03:19 GMT jomoud PRO
Indeed so very sad.
Whenever I see news of the problems in Bangkok my thoughts are with you Poulet.
Stay safe, and know that we have you in our thoughts
May 17 2010 04:46 GMT junne PRO
well written letter, it should wake up the editors. the actual journalists are sitting most probably in a bar not really dearing to venture on to the street.
May 17 2010 05:06 GMT martini957
As the wise ole saying goes...believe nothing you hear/read and only half of what you see appears to ring true here Poulet...possibly CNN is frightened of the "red shirts" or maybe they offered to pay a few of their debts off too : ))...happy to know that you & your family are okay...God bless you my sweet friend : ))
May 17 2010 05:29 GMT sini
Take care...hope it will be better soon!
May 17 2010 06:56 GMT lunacrout
A well-written letter.
Our thoughts are with you dear Poulet and we hope that peace & democracy soon return to your beautiful country!
May 17 2010 08:10 GMT abojovna PRO
Cool !
May 17 2010 08:54 GMT Papagena
I really hope that the situation will improve soon. Happy that you and your familiy are still ok !! My toughts are with you all !!
May 17 2010 09:26 GMT grimp PRO
Shame on CNN and their biased reporting. Most of the critical minded people know of this fact.
I strongly suspect CNN of reporting only 'convenient' news. We may ask: convenient to whom?
May 17 2010 09:59 GMT MargNZ
I am so pleased to hear that you are safe Jyab . May there be a conclusion to this trouble in your beautiful country very soon. Best wishes to you and your family.
May 17 2010 11:26 GMT will
stay safe PouLet..
May 17 2010 19:13 GMT lynnj04
Miss you to stay safe :-))
May 17 2010 23:52 GMT kuai67
May Budda bring back the true peace,
security and justice to Thailand .. Best
wishes to Poulet and family in such
difficult time of political instability &
May 18 2010 07:55 GMT Cronos1
There is no day when I don't think of you and yours. Well you are safe! Waiting for better times!
I will always be beside you my dear friend!
May 18 2010 14:34 GMT jceca PRO
we used to have the same problem with CNN .. half-information ..

you are always in our thoughts, dear.. stay safe!
May 19 2010 02:50 GMT Studio88
Poulet ,CNN seems to distort the truth and take things out of context.
We're glad that you and your family are safe.
Hoping there will be a peaceful resolution soon.
You have been in out thoughts...Stay Safe!
May 19 2010 17:17 GMT peterpinhole
Hoping we will see you here again soon dear friend!
I'm glad to hear you and family are out of harms way of the chaos we see in the news.
Be safe.
May 20 2010 01:19 GMT martini957
Just watched video via NBC...hope all is well with you
May 20 2010 20:31 GMT HMBPA PRO
Glad to hear that you are safe. Want you to know that you are in our thoughts.
May 22 2010 06:05 GMT Prikthai
I pray for you and your family.
May 22 2010 20:35 GMT Milibuh
Great to know about you !!
May 24 2010 04:00 GMT mavik
Be safe, Poulet! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and all of the people out there! Will try to print our your letter for my in-laws to read. Thanks for sharing this eye-opening truth about the biased reporting of CNN. God bless you!
May 25 2010 09:26 GMT sider
CNN missunderstand many things...
Jun 06 2010 20:18 GMT yvonNL
Glad to hear you are oke!
Jun 12 2010 09:45 GMT onichek
Glad to hear you're fine, hope to hear from you soon!

*friendly hug*
Jun 13 2010 01:15 GMT kuai67
Best wishes to Poulet and the nation of Thailand.
Common sense is uncommon .. Democracy, if
wrongly applied, turns into "demo crazy" .. May
common sense and Buddhism rule supreme for
the greatest good of all the Thai people.
Jun 21 2010 02:43 GMT PhotoPro PRO
so very glad to hear you're safe dear Poulet!!
Jun 27 2010 20:48 GMT peterpinhole
Thinking of you.
Jul 08 2010 01:44 GMT Studio88
Poulet, You maybe out of sight, but not out of mind...Hoping Bangkok
can return soon to the Peaceful City that we know...Stay Safe!
Jul 08 2010 19:28 GMT LizSA
greetings Poulet.... I have noted you elsewhere on internet... Jamby is very active and I have seen a couple of our FT friends there...

Keep well ....
Jul 27 2010 08:54 GMT roncarlin PRO
Get to hear you and your family are out of harms way. Sorry not been doing much on fotothing due to schedule. I am trying to get back and hope to see more of your great photo's. I especially enjoy seeing the pictures of the history of your country, and the beautiful buildings and artwork.Thialand is loaded with wonderful history.
Aug 18 2010 20:54 GMT Studio88
Just To Let You Know We're Thinking Of You - Keep Safe ;-)
Aug 23 2010 03:09 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I do so hope you are all well there.

Continuing thinking and praying for you and your family.
Aug 23 2010 16:52 GMT qpidoremix
you're in my thoughts
Sep 30 2010 09:18 GMT roncarlin PRO
Hi Poulet. Where have you been ????. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hope to see some of your wonderful pictures soon.!!!
Ron Carlin
Oct 03 2010 04:50 GMT aquiles PRO
Oct 04 2010 14:42 GMT peterpinhole
Just a hello :)
Oct 14 2010 13:08 GMT roncarlin PRO
Poulet are you okay? Please let us know.
Your Friend Ron Carlin.
Nov 11 2010 14:43 GMT hanek
I am afraid that she was arrested ... let's do something to help her ...
Nov 29 2010 01:10 GMT gafaway
miss you darling poulet...
Dec 25 2010 06:14 GMT martini957
Gone...but not forgotten....hope all is well with you my friend : ))
Jan 28 2011 21:20 GMT lizzieb
I hope that you come back again. I hope you are safe and well my dear friend and that the situation in your country resolves to everyones satisfaction (if their is such a thing). Take care xxx
Feb 22 2011 20:58 GMT soldier
Dear Poulet!!!!!!!!!!!
We are waiting You to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that you are in safe and the only problem is the internet contact.
We don't know how can we help you.
Apr 13 2011 09:42 GMT dbch
Best wishes to Poulet & family .. from DBCH orphanage.
Apr 22 2011 03:31 GMT Studio88
Poulet & Family, Our Thoughts are with You...Looking forward to your return - Hopefully Soon ;-)
Jan 01 2012 19:25 GMT sayalio
Great New Year for You and Your family!!!
Jan 05 2012 14:11 GMT Studio88
Happy & Healthy New Year Poulet & Family - Awaiting Your Return ;-)
Sep 11 2012 08:20 GMT callista
Prenez soin de vous, Poulet et à très bientôt
Sep 21 2012 20:43 GMT Lie
Dear Poulet, I'm so worried about you, please let us, your FT friends know if your alive and healty,,,miss you !
Dec 24 2012 18:13 GMT faithoneil76
Hello my dear
My name is cynthia, i saw you profile and became interested, i will like to have a long tearm relationship with you,
please contact me on my email so that i can send you my photos and tell you more about me,(cynthiaj0be@hotmail.com)
Mar 19 2015 19:26 GMT mickmusser
I am not alone in missing you and your pictures.
Oct 08 2015 14:11 GMT peterpinhole
Thinking about you also....be safe.