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Back to 100 years old market 7/7
Betel Pepper Leaves

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 14 2006 23:50 GMT bennystr
Great shot!
Feb 15 2006 00:20 GMT RainyDay
Feb 15 2006 03:01 GMT iyerhari
Betel plant is indigenous throughout the Indian Malay region and also cultivated in Madagascar, Bourbon and the West Indies. It is a climbing shrub and is trained on poles or trellis in a hot but shady situation.
Feb 15 2006 05:13 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks a lot, Iyer, for great info.
I really appreciate it! :)))))
Feb 15 2006 05:49 GMT bluefam
very interesting.
Feb 15 2006 07:14 GMT maiylah
yes, very interesting... :)
looks like the leaves of the "usual" black peppers but this is huge!
what are they used for?
Feb 15 2006 08:02 GMT Kriszti
now i know the origins of this, thanks to iyer's ifo...always see Indian malay elderlies eat them :))
Feb 15 2006 09:16 GMT Prikthai
For a red mouth. :-)
Feb 15 2006 09:25 GMT mavik
I think it's buyo leaves the old people use. You add something white we call "apog" here in our city. Lime ba yun sa English? I just forgot e. Sorry!
Feb 15 2006 12:07 GMT Poulet PRO
Thai elderliers ate Betel Pepper leaves by wrapped with both fresh and/or sun-dries Areca cathecu, Betel chewer and Camphor (Menthol). Just 'chew" it and disgorge when tasteless! :))
Feb 15 2006 14:34 GMT maiylah
oh..kind of like tobacco? really interesting!
thanks for the info! :))
Feb 15 2006 19:46 GMT beedabee
Looks so fresh !
Feb 15 2006 22:00 GMT StavrosMoforis
great shot but most of all AMAZING info !!!!!!!!!