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- A TV. cameraman on duty.
*Photo from archive. I decided not to go out to take pic on the street or else I might be fight with the mob! lol ;P

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 19 2010 02:26 GMT hans55 PRO
a very good one dear Poulet ...you better be carefull on your streets now !!
Mar 19 2010 02:26 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent capture my sweet friend
Not an everyday job
terrific entry for the theme
Have a wonderful and ahppy weekend my dear friend
Mar 19 2010 02:30 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you dear Hans.
I have to work from home everyday since they came to BKK.
My office is infront of my grandmum's home and it is near our prime minister's home. :S
Mar 19 2010 02:31 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you John! :)
Mar 19 2010 02:59 GMT nzshutter PRO
Great capture for the theme day! Well done. :-)
Mar 19 2010 03:03 GMT martini957
LOL on you & the mob....Great capture & entry
Mar 19 2010 05:42 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful entry Jyab .. have a nice weekend and keep safe :))
Mar 19 2010 05:59 GMT sayalio
Hanging over the crowd - the best job ever!!! :-) Have peaceful weekend, my dear friend!!!
Mar 19 2010 06:40 GMT marijke06
great flying job!:)
Mar 19 2010 08:19 GMT PaP67
...action please ! good one yes !
Mar 19 2010 10:09 GMT junne PRO
good decision poulet, stay out of all that, we need you here !
Mar 19 2010 11:40 GMT Papagena
Funny airy job capture !!

I agree with Margaret, there is no need to take any risk !! Have a great weekend Jyab !!
Mar 19 2010 12:05 GMT ashdad PRO
Great entry!
Mar 19 2010 13:27 GMT senna3
Excellent choice for the theme!
Mar 19 2010 14:04 GMT superJoan
This is going a bit too far...even for a fotothinger.....teasing you..it is a great entry...
Mar 19 2010 14:13 GMT coocki
great capture and entry Poulet!
have a wonderful weekend!
Mar 19 2010 16:06 GMT Pietje
Excellent capture and entry for the theme.

Wish you a wonderful weekend.
Mar 19 2010 17:04 GMT Annamaria
Great entry, Poulet! ;-))

Pls. take care!!
Mar 19 2010 19:20 GMT derkz
He is getting a good view and you made a nice picture of it.
Mar 19 2010 20:11 GMT teddybear2
Great entry.
Sorry to here there are troubles in your country. I have not seen TV or listened to the news for past few days so have heard nothing. Please keep safe
Mar 19 2010 21:36 GMT Dorado
Have a beautiful weekend,

Your friend
Mar 20 2010 01:22 GMT Prikthai
I not remember the word WORK. ha ha ha
Mar 20 2010 02:45 GMT iyerhari
that's a great theme entry!
Mar 20 2010 03:42 GMT Poulet PRO
Hahahaaa.....you know me well. :)
Mar 20 2010 03:55 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much everyone!
The situation here is dull and it is really annoying me and almost ALL of us here but we choose to be calm and believe that the goverment will do their best to solve the problem. I, myself hope that the clean and honesty goverment will win this dirty game which led by the corruption & rebellion guy!
Mar 20 2010 06:52 GMT lunacrout
I hope that things are soon settled and the streets are safe once more - take care xx
Mar 20 2010 13:19 GMT Bellavista
Great enty Poulet!
Mar 20 2010 19:32 GMT LizSA
very nice... this is what you do.... ?

Have a great weekend Poulet.
Mar 20 2010 20:50 GMT sini
Great workingpeople entry!:)
Mar 21 2010 06:12 GMT Milibuh
Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 21 2010 16:24 GMT peterpinhole
Great entry....I don't see any type of harness....could be dangerous to fall off one of those camera cranes.Wonder if they get danger pay?
Mar 25 2010 23:25 GMT Poulet PRO
Peter, the harness is a part of the chair and looks like a belt. I think it was under his shirt.
Mar 26 2010 13:22 GMT Cronos1
Great capture !