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My entry for FRUITFRIDAY.
- " มะไฟ Ma-fai ", a sweet and sour fruit in summer.

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** Dear friend,
Thank you so much for all very kind words and best wishes to Thailand and I. The situation gone worst last night when the red shirt terrorist fired M79 to the soldiers and innocent people who against them! Anyway,my family and I are very safe and well but feel so very sad of what's happening here.
For friends who wanna follow the news : http://www.nationmultimedia.com/home/
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 23 2010 00:53 GMT junne PRO
very sad news ! i wish peace and calm to you and your kingdom !
Apr 23 2010 01:09 GMT martini957
Sweet & sour sounds very good....beautiful show of it too my dear friend....I couldn't get the site to open up....happy to know you & your family are safe & well!
Apr 23 2010 01:21 GMT qpidoremix
great macro

hope things get better soon. hugs
Apr 23 2010 01:35 GMT peterpinhole
Looks refreshing and juicy....glad you and your family are safe ....hope things settle down soon.
Apr 23 2010 02:10 GMT ashdad PRO
Delicious looking fruit! Glad to hear that you are okay. Sad about your countrymen and women.
Apr 23 2010 02:42 GMT verarenm
Take care dear Poulet! Glad to know that you and your family are safe!
Beautiful fruit!
Apr 23 2010 02:47 GMT iyerhari
superb macro fruit shot, great entry!
Apr 23 2010 02:58 GMT GraniteRoad
Hope you remain safe and a great entry.
Apr 23 2010 03:17 GMT Milibuh
Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 23 2010 03:48 GMT Pea2007
A tasty looking entry.
I hope your country finds a peaceful solution.
Apr 23 2010 04:24 GMT jomoud PRO
Marvelous entry.
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!
Apr 23 2010 04:41 GMT sini
Very tasy fruit entry! So sad about the news from your country!
Apr 23 2010 05:48 GMT sayalio
Poulet's entry!!!....
Apr 23 2010 05:56 GMT Annamaria
It looks really nice!!

Please take care Poulet!! I hope everything will be quiet soon!!
Apr 23 2010 06:09 GMT hans55 PRO
great and delicious fruit entry dear poulet !!!
we see that in our news !! :-(
Apr 23 2010 06:11 GMT senna3
We closely follow the news about your country Jyab, very sad what is happening.
I am glad that you and yours are safe and that you can find time to post such beautiful entries at FT.
Apr 23 2010 06:20 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful entry and composition Jyab ... I hope your country will soon be at peace.
Thinking of you :)
Apr 23 2010 06:57 GMT Bellavista
Interesting fruits!! I have never seen this before!
Apr 23 2010 08:23 GMT superJoan
Never tasted this fruit...have seen it in Thailand.....great entry
Apr 23 2010 09:35 GMT Papagena
Great to learn a lot about these different species of fruits all over the world !!

With you and your familiy !!
Apr 23 2010 10:12 GMT SaoPaulo
IM so sorry, P!
Apr 23 2010 10:31 GMT Dorado
Have a nice weekend, my friend. ¡ ! ¡


Apr 23 2010 11:55 GMT yvonNL
Never seen before Is it citrusfruit?
Apr 23 2010 12:10 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Unknown to me, but looks very good Poulet.
Nice entry!
Apr 23 2010 14:11 GMT sunrise99
Have a peaceful weekend and peace for your happy country!
Apr 23 2010 16:04 GMT gonewiththecow
great composition! interesting, love this entry for the fruitfriday!
Apr 23 2010 17:45 GMT ujbanyiv
Wow! Very Fine Fruits ;-)

Apr 23 2010 19:57 GMT lunacrout
Lovely composition of an unusual (to me) fruit :)

Keep well and safe dear Poulet!
Apr 23 2010 20:07 GMT janos
Great entry!
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!:)
Apr 23 2010 20:22 GMT Snappa
This fruit looked like a face from the thumbnail!
Apr 24 2010 22:33 GMT bennystr
Take care and be safe dear Poulet!
Apr 24 2010 23:04 GMT jceca PRO
something we can't find here ... nice ..
Apr 25 2010 01:59 GMT dbch
"Royal yellow" fruit so very beautifully captured !
Like starry sweets .. Must be tasty & delicious :o)
Best wishes from DBCH orphanage.
Apr 25 2010 16:16 GMT megmet PRO
Never seen one of these but it looks delicious!

Pleased to hear you are all safe, our thoughts are with you Poulet!
Apr 28 2010 17:14 GMT Cronos1
I'm still worried about you...Hope thr things will go better...
May 01 2010 06:46 GMT Squirrel PRO
Wonderful fruit macro !
The dove of peace flies to Bangkok.................................................................................................
May 04 2010 19:45 GMT Archer
Very interesting fruit and great capture of it!

I hope everything is ok with you and yours dear Poulet.
Jun 14 2010 09:03 GMT tata28
yummy shoot
Jan 28 2011 21:45 GMT lizzieb
looks good enough to eat!!!!!
Apr 24 2012 22:13 GMT eliaskhalil
I love the capture. Goes to FAVs.
Apr 24 2012 22:14 GMT eliaskhalil
I love the capture. Goes to FAVs.
May 30 2012 00:51 GMT gtc126
FANTASTIC ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!