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Around Rattanakosin Island (old part of the caity) 2/6
(Car shot taken on Nove 1st, 2007)
- Detail of one of the archway on Rajdamnern klang Road.

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 04 2007 23:21 GMT junne PRO
drive by shooting is against the law!
Nov 04 2007 23:41 GMT bennystr
Wonderful detailed shot!
Nov 05 2007 00:00 GMT Poulet PRO
You know well that I didn't drive myself! ;))))
Am I so lucky??

Today we'll have The Royal barge ceremony in the afternoon, Junne. This year our crown prince will be presided over the ceremony cause our beloved King is still in the hospital. However, his majesty's getting better and better but the doc didn't allow him to join it....
So, I won't go to see the ceremony but I'll watch TV.....from home!! ;)))
Nov 05 2007 00:39 GMT abojovna PRO
Nov 05 2007 01:27 GMT bojtorjan
Beautiful art work. Great shot Poulet!
Nov 05 2007 01:36 GMT jceca PRO
just fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can you wacht TV with both of your eyes .. or ... one of them will be HERE ??? :-)
Nov 05 2007 01:45 GMT Poulet PRO
Both dear!
Today FT will down for database maintanance at that time!!! ;D LOL

VERY lucky me!! ;)))
Nov 05 2007 02:13 GMT jceca PRO
i know that " detail " .... just didn't know it will match this ceremony ... :-)
Nov 05 2007 02:15 GMT Poulet PRO
It's a great coincident! ;)))
Nov 05 2007 02:31 GMT iyerhari
lovely in color and the structure!!!
Nov 05 2007 04:20 GMT ashdad PRO
Wonderful detail!
Nov 05 2007 06:16 GMT sini
Great detail!:)
Nov 05 2007 15:02 GMT junne PRO
wow, how i would love to be there
Nov 06 2007 00:03 GMT Poulet PRO
Junne, I think those archways will be there until Feb. 08. ;)))
Nov 06 2007 00:27 GMT junne PRO
no, i meant for the event of the royal barges!
Nov 06 2007 00:28 GMT kimbob
That is so cool!!
Nov 06 2007 00:40 GMT Poulet PRO
I see!
I took many shots from the screen and got some nice shot! I'll send to you later (and might have some shots from a pro. one.....must wait!)
Nov 06 2007 01:00 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Archway....super Detail Poulet!!!!!!
Nov 06 2007 01:53 GMT Midworlder PRO
Some excellent detail