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HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY TO OUR Dear and true friend, PhoPro !
Wishing you all the best and success, Bill.
Sorry, I can't be here yesterday but I hope your birthday will be a great day !
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 02 2007 09:21 GMT beedabee
Best wishes to PhoPro ... Many HAppy Birthdays !
You are a great friend Poulet !
Mar 02 2007 10:17 GMT conart
Mar 02 2007 10:20 GMT bluefam
so lovely wish. happy birthday phopro.
Mar 02 2007 10:49 GMT LizSA
PhotoPro.....awh....it is a beautiful entry. Poulet.....
tomorrow you can dedicate your sweetsaturday to my Husband....Koos
he had his birthday on the 26 Feb...and I never even baked him a cake..
Mar 02 2007 10:55 GMT soldier
Wonderful gift!
Happy birthday to PhoPro !
Mar 02 2007 11:05 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks dear Liz !!
Ohhhhhhh !!..........Happy belated birthday to your husband ! I wish him all the best !!! :)))

Tomorrow is one of a very important day for all Buddhism, Liz. It's a " Magha Puja " day, a Buddhist holy day. http://www.thaifolk.com/doc/maghapuja_e.htm

So sorry, I won't be online, dear Liz, and I know you'll understand !!
We'll do merit in early morning and in the evening too. I'd love to have my eyes and my mind "clean" on this very important day.
Mar 02 2007 11:25 GMT Satto
SOOOO beautiful gift for PP....(You got a big heart..:-)
Congrats to PP...:-)
Mar 02 2007 11:45 GMT Bali
A wonderful present!!!!!!!!!!Happy Birthday, Bill!!!!
Mar 02 2007 11:46 GMT bennystr
Beautiful gift Poulet!
Happy Birthday Bill!
Mar 02 2007 11:50 GMT tathisri
lovely flower ja.
Mar 02 2007 12:05 GMT Poulet PRO
ขอบคุณมากค่ะ :)))
Mar 02 2007 13:33 GMT LizSA
Poulet....our thoughts would be with you tomorrow...
and good to have a day like that...
I never realised...sorry.....was so use to you on FT saturdays....
we do understand if we cannot communicate everyday on FT.......
we have another life aswell..you and your family.....the best of the best. for tomorrow...!
Mar 02 2007 13:48 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much, my dear Liz. :)))
Mar 02 2007 14:00 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
This is beautiful! Happy Birthday PP!! :))
Mar 02 2007 15:06 GMT SIGMUND
Wonderful shot!!!
Happy birthday Photopro!!!
Mar 02 2007 15:16 GMT megmet PRO
A beautiful flower and a kind thought! Happy birthday Bill.

Poulet I hope you have a day filled with love peace and purity of spirit. I so enjoyed reading about your special day!
Mar 02 2007 15:32 GMT jceca PRO
so beautiful greetings card for bill !!!

and ... just could repeat megmet's words ... about your special day ... :-)
Mar 02 2007 18:45 GMT magolino PRO
Extremely good fotos, Poulet .... Lovely sceneries.... and in particular you have a most Wonderful Queen.
Mar 03 2007 03:56 GMT PhotoPro PRO
thank you for the wonderful wishes dear Poulet!

I hope you had a wonderful Holy Day!
Mar 03 2007 04:30 GMT hbla PRO
Happy Birthday Bill!!


lucky guy getting a Poulet birthday greeting...pretty photo!!
Mar 03 2007 06:50 GMT Squirrel PRO
Very beautiful photo !

Have a wonderful weekend dear poulet.
Mar 03 2007 13:06 GMT imrannafeel
Happy Birthday bill.

best of luck.....nice picture...
Mar 03 2007 13:53 GMT will
happy birthday; nice card PouLet!! ))
Mar 03 2007 19:38 GMT Lie
Have a great and lucky day, dear Poulet !!
Mar 04 2007 00:21 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks for all kind words.
Yesterday was one of a great day for all of us here.
I wish all of you the very best !
Mar 04 2007 04:02 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Magolino. :))
Mar 04 2007 04:28 GMT wifey
Beautiful tribute.
Mar 04 2007 11:48 GMT abojovna PRO
My best wish, but latter! Nice creation!
Happy birthday, to you, Bill!