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National Science Museum (series A)
Pathum thani province, the Kingdom of Thailand. 1/6

***** The Queen Sirikit the Great Science Museum (National Science Museum) is located at Technopolis, a large science park in the province of Pathum Thani, dedicated to creating and raising the public understanding of science, technology and the environment. It is Thailand's most modern science museum, built at a cost of 1.4 billion baht to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's 60th birthday.



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Comments on this photo:

Jul 17 2007 23:36 GMT gtc126
Very Interesting Series of Science Museum!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Jul 17 2007 23:45 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Glenn! :))
We often go there and this series is from our last visited in May (Summer holiday for schools and universities over here).
Jul 18 2007 00:08 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks DD! :))
Jul 18 2007 00:21 GMT abojovna PRO
Gorgheous building and very nice and interesant photo! Thnak for link dear Poulet, morning ... good night to my , good morning to you!
Jul 18 2007 00:29 GMT Poulet PRO
Good night to you, dear! :)))
Jul 18 2007 00:38 GMT Midworlder PRO
Interesting construction
Jul 18 2007 00:47 GMT mavik
Very interesting architecture! Would be nice to go there some time.
Jul 18 2007 00:47 GMT jceca PRO
i thought in thumb it was a big storm or so !!!! :-))

stunning building !!!!!!!!
i like unusual things ( no matter what ) ....
Jul 18 2007 00:52 GMT ashdad PRO
Great looking building!
Jul 18 2007 00:54 GMT Poulet PRO
Me too, dear, I like unusual things!
Ohhhhhhhh.............EXCEPT unusual people!!!! I mean somekind of those who has mental problem ;P
Hahahaaaaaa.........(Evil laugh) !!!

btw, we had storm last evening, dear..:(( Heavy rain and very strong wind came and we lost electricity for almost 2 hrs! :S
Jul 18 2007 01:28 GMT jceca PRO
... and we got 40 C and HOT wind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 18 2007 01:33 GMT wifey
Admirable architecture also. :)
Jul 18 2007 01:40 GMT Poulet PRO
40 C is terrible!! It's the temp in some of our provinces in the middle of summer! The hottest temp we've ever have in BKK. is 38 C and we almost cooked by sunshine!!! :S

Better stay home, dear! Don't go out in that weird weather!!! Now you know why sunblock is one of my best friend!!
Jul 18 2007 01:45 GMT jceca PRO
yeah, same forecast for tomorrow too ...
i don't go out last two days .... but no air condition in the house ...

anyhow, if you ask me, better THIS than storm, storm, storm ...

Jul 18 2007 01:51 GMT Poulet PRO
Agree! better than storm!!! :((
We have storm almost everyday! I hate it!! It safe in BKK., let's say.... around my place, but it always damaged many places, especially in provinces :S

Don't 4get to drink lots of water, dear. It helps !
Jul 18 2007 02:08 GMT jceca PRO
i ALWAYS drink lots of water ... :-)
and i'm going to sleep now ....

have a nice day, dear !!!
Jul 18 2007 03:05 GMT Prikthai
Great shot again.
Jul 18 2007 03:13 GMT junne PRO
wow, what a daring sculpture of a building, very exciting harmony of lines and shapes. i love it!
Jul 18 2007 03:34 GMT SimonH
There are my dices!! Like Jceca, I thought of a big storm when I saw the thumb. That's one extraordinary building!
Jul 18 2007 04:06 GMT will
Great Photo PouLet!!
Jul 18 2007 04:07 GMT will
Is that for sale? let's buy it..:)
Jul 18 2007 04:35 GMT bluesky
This building really looks amazing...

Jul 18 2007 04:47 GMT sini
Great shot and museum series!:)
Jul 18 2007 05:28 GMT dcz
great building and great composition.
Jul 18 2007 05:29 GMT senna3
Scientific architecture, beautiful!
Jul 18 2007 07:06 GMT jatmoko
Nice capture..:))
Jul 18 2007 08:43 GMT hans55 PRO
very very interresting ... nice buildings too ... you went here with your son ??
Jul 18 2007 10:20 GMT janos
Very interesting vizit to a National Science Museum :)
Jul 18 2007 10:57 GMT Poulet PRO
Yes, Hans, he prefers to go to museums and historical sites more than go to shopping malls. :))
Jul 18 2007 11:03 GMT Poulet PRO
Okay!! Let's buy it, Will! :)))
Jul 18 2007 11:05 GMT sayalio
Great place for every family, of course! Stunning building, my compliments to architects! :-))
Jul 18 2007 19:49 GMT bennystr
Wonderful series Poulet, thanks for sharing!
Jul 20 2007 13:16 GMT soldier
Stunning place.. great shot!
Jul 21 2007 03:39 GMT abhatti PRO
wonderful building