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It's raining 1/7
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Comments on this photo:

May 24 2006 23:20 GMT Y5
wow, great pic!
.....now, i remember you telling me the other day that you have sun there all the time
and that i should move there...........but......but........where does you "sun-diamonds on the flowers come from?? ;-)
May 24 2006 23:25 GMT Y5
oook, i'm really off to bed now, got work tomorrow!
bye bye then, have a great day.... :)
May 24 2006 23:27 GMT Poulet PRO
Good morning from here, Y5!
and Good night to you. Sleep tight my friend.
See you......... :))))
May 24 2006 23:59 GMT bluesky
Hello Poulet!
Good Morning...its raining also in your country?

Cool shot here my friend.
May 25 2006 00:57 GMT Poulet PRO
Morning, Bluesky, yes!............it's rainy season here and there're some serious flooded and mud collasped in some cities at the Northern part of Thailand!!! :s

Morning ka Joe. :)))
May 25 2006 01:05 GMT lumaciel
This series is wonnnnnnnnnnnnnn

I saw by tv... It's raining to much in Thailand.
Good night
May 25 2006 02:30 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
So beautiful Poulet! When life gives you rain, make beautiful drip pictures :)))
May 25 2006 04:39 GMT jeck
and its raining here too!!
rainy season is coming...
we can feel that!!!
nice series, Poulet!
May 25 2006 05:40 GMT soldier
Lovely shot... graet composition!
May 25 2006 07:08 GMT Sterretje
this is a lovely shot
clear and beautiful colours
... nice ... really
May 25 2006 07:38 GMT Prikthai
Thank you for more flower then Ich creme pictures. :-)
May 25 2006 08:21 GMT mateo
this is great :)
May 25 2006 09:08 GMT veryvera
Morning Poulet.....nice to wake up to such lovely flowers....weather in england ..beautiful today.......^v^
May 25 2006 09:44 GMT Poulet PRO
Dear Khun Prikthai ka, Ice-cream will be on Wednesday ka!! lol ;))
May 25 2006 09:53 GMT Izshie
Lovely flower & beautifully taken....great...
May 25 2006 10:05 GMT Scarlett PRO
So beautiful too!!! A pleasure for our eyes... Thanks for that...
Have a good day... ,-)
May 25 2006 10:53 GMT vadaaaa
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...............Superb raining's series..!!!

:-((( No blue flower for me ????
May 25 2006 12:26 GMT Poulet PRO
vadaaaa.........you know well it's hard to find blue flowers...in our mother land, the land of smile. ;D
BTW, I'll find some for you....... ;))
May 25 2006 12:46 GMT jceca PRO
your rain looks much better than mine!!! i mean, it's better than over here.... no thunders!!!!

beauuuuuuuutiful series!!!!

btw... i love blue flowers, too!!! :))
May 25 2006 13:02 GMT Poulet PRO
I'll try to find for you too, jceca. :)))
May 25 2006 13:36 GMT Ruedi PRO
Poulet look for a underwater housing for you camera..
May 25 2006 13:49 GMT Poulet PRO
heheeeee...............Ruedi, as you know, I ALWAYS borrow from my buddy!! LOL ;))
May 25 2006 14:04 GMT fredaH
still rainning???
May 25 2006 14:13 GMT Poulet PRO
Yes, Freda. It's just the begining of rainy season here...............
May 25 2006 14:44 GMT Erian
Lovely series! Here we have had rain for the last 10 days now. but not as much as you had in Thailand I guess. Heard about the weather trouble in your country.How people lost their homes and even their lifes. :-( There is a saying that the sea gives and the sea takes. I think we also could say nature gives and nature takes. Without rain we could not live....
May 25 2006 15:04 GMT Poulet PRO
I totally agree with you, Erian..........
May 25 2006 15:53 GMT lieke
very, VERY beautiful image
May 25 2006 16:07 GMT Olympe1961
The little droplets are like marvelous diamonds on this white flower !
May 25 2006 16:12 GMT Ruedi PRO
so you can take pics in the rain with no risky!..LOL
May 25 2006 18:19 GMT marijke06
heavy from the drops! :)
May 25 2006 20:05 GMT PhotoPro PRO
gorgeous shot!!!
May 25 2006 20:15 GMT bennystr
Such a beauty, great focus!
May 25 2006 20:56 GMT beedabee
So sensible shot .. great done Poulet !
May 26 2006 04:49 GMT Poulet PRO
I used my transparent umbrella instead of housing.........and it's CHEAPER !!!! ;)) LOL
May 26 2006 14:50 GMT Kriszti
Like this ...simple and pure !!
May 26 2006 20:07 GMT fey
..........pure ..........fresh and very beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!
May 26 2006 23:05 GMT Glo
very nice..
May 27 2006 06:33 GMT onichek
Oh, my! Rain looks so much better over there than over here!!! :))