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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2006 16:46 GMT Squirrel PRO
Wonderful !!
Oct 22 2006 16:47 GMT backstreets PRO
what a great series......gorgeous pictures !!!!
Oct 22 2006 16:47 GMT glassica
Ahhhh.... so nice!!!! And the "fishring" tooo!!!! Great, great capture!
Oct 22 2006 16:55 GMT Bali
Oct 22 2006 16:56 GMT Elly
It is simply beautiful!!!
Oct 22 2006 16:58 GMT litz
Poulet it's dawn...are you not going to sleep ;-)?

Gorgeous scenery...

Oct 22 2006 17:04 GMT Poulet PRO
Hi Litz !! Thanks. :))
It's midnight over here !!
I'm watching TV. (live football match) and my team just WON the game. Yippieeee ....... :)))
Oct 22 2006 17:10 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Absolutely gorgeous!! So peaceful and calm!! :)
Oct 22 2006 17:11 GMT litz
Yippppieeeeeee indeed!!!
Very happy for you and our team my friend!!
Oct 22 2006 17:29 GMT Turban001
Nagyon szép !!!

Üdv. Turbán
Oct 22 2006 17:31 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Wow, very nice sunset series!
Oct 22 2006 17:33 GMT fotoloekb PRO
..... and this one is my favoutite!
Oct 22 2006 17:41 GMT iyerhari
The great contribution of Nature series!
Oct 22 2006 17:46 GMT Zodyak
Super serie!!!
Oct 22 2006 18:16 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks fotoloekb. :))
Oct 22 2006 19:40 GMT Lie
Briljant photo Poulet........realy very beautiful !
Oct 22 2006 19:56 GMT Glo
beautiful place....
Oct 22 2006 20:11 GMT PaP67
she 's called... moon twice !
Oct 22 2006 20:25 GMT Kariibv
Simple but beauty!
Oct 22 2006 21:11 GMT Molivac
Brilliant capture !!!!
Oct 22 2006 21:57 GMT Middaymanchester
Gorgeous series
Oct 22 2006 21:58 GMT jceca PRO
congrats to arsenal !!!!!!!!!!!
congrats to you for this stunning series !!!!!!!! :))
Oct 22 2006 22:39 GMT xevirbs
Very nice picture. Peaceful.
Oct 23 2006 00:54 GMT helton
...precious sister Poulet....WHAT A BLESS HAVE YOU TODAY...MY SWEET GIRL...i hope everything ok..in your country....after that terrible flood...
......about your amazing picture ..Poulet...my words will never express ...so reachies you have bring to us..my precious friend...this one is .........e s p e t a c u l a r l y . . .beautifullllllllllll........HAVE A BLESSED BEGIN OF WEEK SWEET POULET......
Oct 23 2006 01:00 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much, my bro. !! :)))

Phewwwwwwww..............it still flooding over here and it MIGHT be flooded in Bangkok too. :s There's no rain but loads water are running from the North.
BTW, I still can laugh and play.
Today is our holiday !!.....I'll go out to see how high of the water at the canal near home !!......YIPPIEEE !! ;)))
Oct 23 2006 01:01 GMT helton
...take care...sweet...and ..the most important..is enjoy your free day right|???..ahahah....have a ssssssssuuuper holyday !!!!!!!!!!!;.................
Oct 23 2006 01:49 GMT Minz PRO
Oct 23 2006 04:09 GMT magiceye
very pretty.....
Oct 23 2006 04:46 GMT PhotoPro PRO
beautiful series Poulet!

Today one of our regular visitors at church had her parents from Thailand in town. They are Christians and she was so taken by the lighter the acolytes use to light the candles with. She said(translated for me) they use matches and she was so delighted to see this wonderful tool that both lit and put out the candles. So our Pastor let her be the acolyte for the service today in church.
Christopher usually does the candles and since Nats mother is somewhat elderly he walked with her and she held his arm as they walked together. I was so proud of Christopher and happy for her.
Oct 23 2006 09:34 GMT Justagirl
Absolutely stunning Poulet!!!
Oct 23 2006 09:56 GMT Poulet PRO
Dear Bill,
I can imagine that it must be a pleasure moment and I really proud of Christopher too. :)) I think it's great when people shares and gives honour to each other. And, I bet Nat's mother must be happy and exciting to be honoured as well. :))
Yes Bill,....over here we still used matches especially in our Temples and Christian & Catholic Churches. And lots people in upcountries still used it in their daily life.
Oh !!....I must find some Thai matches and take pics for you later. :)))
Oct 23 2006 10:13 GMT Ruedi PRO
Ahh lovely!!
Oct 23 2006 10:19 GMT Urselle
oh god this is gorgeous!
Oct 23 2006 12:05 GMT annaschnitfink
This one is so beautiful. I truly love it. Added of course to my faves. What else could I do?!
Oct 23 2006 12:46 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much, Anna. :))
Oct 23 2006 13:10 GMT patraaey
Wonderful picture!!!
Oct 23 2006 13:16 GMT linnywv PRO
This is just stunning! You have such an eye for beauty!
Oct 23 2006 13:24 GMT hbla PRO
they are all sooooooo beautiful, but I think this one is perfect :)
Oct 23 2006 14:00 GMT SIGMUND
Oct 23 2006 15:15 GMT jomoud PRO
This is so wonderful Poulet
It is a dreary Monday morning as I sit here in my office, with the snow whipping past my windows. The sight outside is depressing....
yet your series lifts my spirits with it's beauty.
Amazing captures
Oct 23 2006 15:46 GMT mehmetyildirim
wonderful shot
Oct 23 2006 17:13 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I would love to see some Thai marches Poulet!
Oct 24 2006 02:28 GMT mavik
Beautiful view, Poulet! Very inspiring!
Oct 24 2006 02:34 GMT aridela
I'd like to sit there and paaint in oil such a wonderful view!!!
Oct 24 2006 08:43 GMT Taxonomist
Absolutely charming this series of landscapes and scenery, Poulet. Thanks for sharing
Oct 24 2006 08:59 GMT nicoalfredo
NICE CAPTURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 26 2006 13:07 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so mch for all visits and very kind comments !! :))