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My entry for MusicalinstrumentFriday :
- " Ranard Ake ", a Thai classica music instrument. It belongs to my 16-year-old son who plays and teaches it as a part-time job.
** Here's a short video clip of my son practicing it when he learnt it for around 6 months : http://www.youtube.com/PouletSA#p/u/12/7Kn3036RWMA

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 26 2010 02:46 GMT rainbow71
A very beautiful instrument.
Feb 26 2010 02:48 GMT martini957
I love it....great talent....I also loved the dog joining in on the fun : ))
Feb 26 2010 02:49 GMT ashdad PRO
Great entry! That is a beautiful instrument.
Feb 26 2010 02:49 GMT verarenm
Great presentation. Very beautiful instrument.
And what a pleasure to hear your son playing the beautiful song!
Feb 26 2010 02:54 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you Rainbow. :)
Feb 26 2010 03:00 GMT jomoud PRO
I love the sound of this instrument!!!!!
Beautiful photo and
great entry for the theme of this week.
Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.
Feb 26 2010 03:02 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks, dear Nancy!
That's my "Ruay-suk", the youngest son's bark! LOL
I think that he loves to hear the sound of every instruments. Everytime my son played ranard, guitar or another musical instruments Ruay-suk always laid down by my son, sighed and did not pay attention to any other thing. :)
Feb 26 2010 03:05 GMT iyerhari
that's great Poulet, beautiful theme entry!

Hv a wonderful weekend dear friend!
Feb 26 2010 03:06 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you, Ashdad!
It made of Dalbergia oliveri. :)
Feb 26 2010 03:06 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks dear Vera. :)
Feb 26 2010 03:06 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you dear John. :)
Feb 26 2010 03:07 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you dear Iyer!
Have a beautiful weekend to you and your family. :)
Feb 26 2010 03:30 GMT Squirrel PRO
Beautiful close-up and interesting entry,dear Poulet.
Feb 26 2010 03:31 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you, dear Squirrel. :))
Feb 26 2010 03:51 GMT fa69
Wonderful instrument !!!!!
Feb 26 2010 03:57 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful and stylish entry :))
Feb 26 2010 04:12 GMT junne PRO
beautiful composition, diagonaly from corner to corner
Feb 26 2010 04:45 GMT fhelsing PRO
what a handsome instrument!
Feb 26 2010 04:49 GMT hans55 PRO
a beautyful entry dear Poulet !!!
Feb 26 2010 06:56 GMT marijke06
great instrument....great musical entry!
Feb 26 2010 07:14 GMT hallo
Very well done my friend!
Feb 26 2010 07:59 GMT senna3
Fantastic entry!
It reminds me that a long time ago we bought for our children such an instrument designed by Rudolf Steiner (the famous antroposofist). At the time we thought the instrument too beautiful for our children to play on it so we exposed it on the wall in our living room so that everone could "enjoy" it. It is not anymore on the wall and now our grandchildren are really enjoying to play on it!
Feb 26 2010 08:09 GMT linnywv PRO
lovely shot of a beautiful instrument. It must make a beautiful sound!
Feb 26 2010 08:44 GMT Annamaria
Great instrument and nice to see and hear your son playing!
Have a great weekend! ;-)
Feb 26 2010 09:06 GMT PaP67
at the present stand of 30 views, the yours is the best presentation !
congratulations for your son, i noticed also in the video clip , the gentle dog's accompaniment !
Feb 26 2010 09:27 GMT spideyj
Lovely shot!
Feb 26 2010 09:42 GMT abojovna PRO
It sound very pleasament! Beautiful photo of wood instrument! Nice your blog here on Youtube!
Feb 26 2010 10:07 GMT yvonNL
fantastic use of light!
Feb 26 2010 10:37 GMT bennystr
Superb shot and entry dear Poulet!
Feb 26 2010 11:33 GMT Dorado
Feb 26 2010 11:38 GMT Papagena
Great entry !! I shall listen to his music later on !!

Have a beautiful weekend, full of music, dear Jyab !!
Feb 26 2010 15:46 GMT LizSA
Oh Senna, we made some mistakes as parents that's for sure, lucky you can now all enjoy it with your grandchildren... wisdom really comes with the years. :-)

Poulet this is awesome, me and my husband enjoyed your sons playing, Bats eating bananas... coming from a tropical background I know how those bats behave..:-)
I am glad I found your youtube page, will go back there later when I have
some idol minutes...:-)I saw your little niece and her parents. :-)
Feb 26 2010 17:14 GMT gafaway
fantastic entry! and loved the link...
Feb 26 2010 17:36 GMT jceca PRO
i love this kind of instruments,great !!
Feb 26 2010 18:31 GMT soldier
Amazing and artistic entry my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 26 2010 19:02 GMT sayalio
Amazing composition!!!
Feb 26 2010 20:57 GMT qpidoremix
Beautiful instrument, lovingly captured. Do you play it Poulet?
Its very close to my favorite instrument, the balofon
shall check my disc to see if i have a picture of it
Feb 26 2010 22:32 GMT CBLADE007
Wonderful entry have a great weekend
Feb 26 2010 23:50 GMT jamesrb PRO
Fantastic, great video too. :^)
Feb 27 2010 00:41 GMT peterpinhole
Great shot Poulet.
Unique instrument and enjoyed hearing it played by your talented son:)
Feb 27 2010 00:49 GMT Prikthai
Nice pic. Congratulation to your son.
Feb 27 2010 03:28 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you Peter. :))
This Ranard is quite a common one but you'll see many majestic looked Ranard in the Thai Classical band.
Feb 27 2010 03:28 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you very much, dear Pat! :)
Feb 27 2010 03:30 GMT Poulet PRO
I didn't play it, Martijn. It's too complicated for me! lol
Thai cassical instruments have no music note. We have to listen to the sound and remember it!!!
Feb 27 2010 09:18 GMT Nikonone
Very beautiful photographed (angle, light) and the video I like a lot too (though the dog didn't like it I think ;))
Feb 27 2010 17:59 GMT qpidoremix
thats how i play most instruments :o) I never play from paper.
The curacao balofon cant be tuned either. Just like the Ranard, once its built the tones are as is.
Feb 28 2010 04:07 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you Nikonone.
BTW, the dog likes it. (LOL) He always laid down by my son every time he praticing it. :)
Feb 28 2010 04:09 GMT Poulet PRO
So cool, Martijn!!
When I was young I used to play piano and it is a must for me to have note sheets and right now I'm in a chorus group and I have note sheets too. :) lol
Mar 01 2010 00:43 GMT megmet PRO
A beautiful instrument Poulet...a great entry for the theme!
Mar 01 2010 02:50 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you, Meg. :)
Mar 25 2010 08:28 GMT olgutt
Great shot! (: