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I know it's a bit late but it's still Friday somewhere out there....
My entry for "MYBEST2009PHOTOFRIDAY"
- Butterfly at my home. I took this pic in November 2009.

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I'll catch up with yours over the next couple of days.....Quite busy during the new years time....
Have no camera 'coz its AV shutter die on Dec 31.. :(( and I'll get it back in the next two or three weeks. Anyway, I still have more than 300 shots from 2009 to upload!!! LOL

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Comments on this photo:

Jan 02 2010 00:05 GMT bennystr
Another butterfly :-)
Magnificent choice dear Poulet, a beauty!
Happy 2010!
Jan 02 2010 00:13 GMT peterpinhole
Great find and capture of nature! Such beautiful color.
All the best to you and yours for a happy healthy Y2010 my dear friend.
Jan 02 2010 01:11 GMT Milibuh
So great !
Excellent choice and entry!

Happy New Year and warmest regards from Peru !
Jan 02 2010 01:26 GMT Laurie
A beautiful Butterfly to reflect a beautiful person that you are my Dear Poulet!!
Jan 02 2010 01:39 GMT LizSA
Laying eggs Poulet... how wonderful.... WOW

Thank you for the kind comment and good wishes my dear Poulet.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year and a great weekend ... Big Hugs..::-)
Jan 02 2010 01:42 GMT GraniteRoad
I can see why you choose this very colorful pic for your best photo. I like it.

Thank you for your comment about my look-alike painting. It was just one of those moments when everything clicked the right way.

Happy New Year to you and your family.
Jan 02 2010 01:55 GMT megmet PRO
A real beauty Poulet and a lovely choice for the theme!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year dear Poulet.
Jan 02 2010 02:26 GMT lunacrout
Absolutely beautiful & into my favourites - I'd like to try doing a painting of this :))
Jan 02 2010 03:10 GMT Squirrel PRO
WONDERFUL NATURE SHOT AND ENTRY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Jan 02 2010 03:47 GMT Studio88
Jan 02 2010 04:25 GMT mickmusser
Still friday here so you are legal. That is a great entry.
Jan 02 2010 04:49 GMT jomoud PRO
An excellent choice for the final theme of 2009:)
A beautiful photo.
I wish you contnued photography joy in 2010.
Happy New year my dear friend.

Jan 02 2010 05:36 GMT cdc PRO

Happy New Year!
Jan 02 2010 06:19 GMT sini
Wonderful capture!:)
Jan 02 2010 07:02 GMT rainbow71
that is a stunning photo.
Happy New Year to you.
Jan 02 2010 07:33 GMT senna3
Magnificent close-up, great choice for the theme!
I wish you and your family all the best in 2010!
Jan 02 2010 07:53 GMT poshbird
Perfect entry.
Jan 02 2010 08:18 GMT yellowgirl
Jan 02 2010 09:03 GMT spideyj
Stunning shot, Poulet!
Jan 02 2010 10:05 GMT abojovna PRO
I agree with your catch Poulet A beautiful macro photo!
Jan 02 2010 11:02 GMT charlotte
Happy Newyear!
Jan 02 2010 11:03 GMT pieter40
a Great and lovely macro shot.!!!
Jan 02 2010 11:06 GMT superJoan
certainly a Best
Jan 02 2010 11:07 GMT Crowy
Fabulous choice..
Best wishes for 2010
Jan 02 2010 12:30 GMT iyerhari
great selection!
Jan 02 2010 13:13 GMT martini957
A beauty for sure...sorry about your camera, mine is being rather sluggish here lately....I must get it checked out before it dies on me
Jan 02 2010 14:28 GMT hanek
I invite you at an evening party in the garden with grill ;-))) You will find moments of respite from the tropical heat ;-))
Jan 02 2010 15:42 GMT Dorado
Very delicate
Jan 02 2010 17:01 GMT Pietje
Fantastic choice for this week`s theme....

Happy New Year to you and your family..............Poulet
Jan 02 2010 19:12 GMT derkz
nice piece of nature
Jan 02 2010 20:53 GMT lynnj04
Wonderful capture and choice, how will you cope without your camera, hope it is better soon x :-))
Jan 02 2010 22:10 GMT fhelsing PRO
what a beautiful butterfly!
Jan 03 2010 01:30 GMT potterjo
Lovely capture of the butterfly making her last effort for survival of the species.
Jan 03 2010 01:45 GMT details
splendid capture
Jan 03 2010 12:35 GMT Koren
fabulous poulet - beautiful!
Jan 03 2010 12:42 GMT Minz PRO
Such a lovely photograph !
Jan 03 2010 22:41 GMT qpidoremix
Eventually it will be friday again. Excellent capture Poulet
Jan 04 2010 02:01 GMT will
Lovely as always; and Happy 2010 to you and your great family there! :)
Jan 04 2010 04:03 GMT dbch
So beautiful and colorful so tree greens !
Have a wonderful 2010 year .. Best wishes
from DCBH orphanage.
Jan 04 2010 04:47 GMT bluefam
so beautiful.
Jan 06 2010 16:46 GMT jceca PRO
very beautiful pic indeed !!