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I'm REALLY sick of it!!! :((
YES! as I have a small orange badge with my screen name I can block those garbage pics BUT how can my friends who have no badge block them ???

Please DON'T say they must pay to block because it's non-sense and FT used to be a family site! At least many friends and I used to be happy to allow our children to enter the site when we signed up in 2005!!!!

And, I'm talking about PORN only, NOT artistic nudes! Plz accept that it's totally different!......


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Comments on this photo:

Nov 17 2007 13:25 GMT Pasifae
I totally agree with you! :))
Nov 17 2007 13:26 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks dear Pasifae! :))
Nov 17 2007 13:45 GMT abojovna PRO
Nov 17 2007 13:46 GMT Poulet PRO
Nov 17 2007 13:56 GMT gwen83
I agree, stop uploading PORN a FT:)))
Nov 17 2007 13:58 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Gwen! :))
Just hope some members who love porns won't protest our protest! ;)) LOL
Nov 17 2007 14:01 GMT Vasca
Agree Pou!
Artistic nude has nothing in common with porn!!
I like an artistic nude, well done, with "taste".
But no porn, please!
Nov 17 2007 14:03 GMT Poulet PRO
Yes Gaby, it's totally different!
Nov 17 2007 14:06 GMT BoSelecta PRO
I agree it would be better to keep this sort of thing off FT, but it just isn't possible. Either the site allows people to post things without holding them for approval, or it has to pay a team of moderators to check every picture and slow the whole site down.
Don't blame FT - blame the people who upload porn. Sadly, they don't care what the rest of us think. I guess it's just the price you pay for letting everyone use the site.
Nov 17 2007 14:08 GMT gwen83
If people wanne see porn then thee must go to a other site, not here on FT:))))
Nov 17 2007 14:14 GMT gilbertoxp
Agree Pou...you're absoluty right.....!!!
Nov 17 2007 14:16 GMT Poulet PRO
I agree with you, Bo!
I know it's hard for FT staffs to protect the site from porns 'coz some ppl uploaded it more and more each day............
Just hope FT can find a way to get rid of it.....
Nov 17 2007 14:40 GMT junne PRO
i want to sign this pledge! i totally agree with you poulet (like always)
Nov 17 2007 14:54 GMT wolf2728
right on!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes we are sick of porn on fotothing! let the people be heard!!!!!!!
Nov 17 2007 15:10 GMT jceca PRO
amen !!!!!

fabulous looking guy, by the way !!!!!
where did you find him ???
Nov 17 2007 15:33 GMT LizSA
I agree....!!
I also agree with Jceca... ! great portrait...:-)) no serious...great guy...:-)
Nov 17 2007 15:50 GMT hans55 PRO
i agree with you .... but its not easy to keep the porn away from the site ...i think they are doing it very good ... i cant find any porn here ..only sometimes in the new members ...and they are deleted very soon after uploading ..ok sometimes things slip trough !!
Nov 17 2007 16:02 GMT LisaSam67
read the stolen works thread

hans..... they knew straight up porn was on the site and left it up for five days!

that's why we are ticked

Nov 17 2007 16:11 GMT Milibuh
Totally agree with you Pou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now... I canīt open FT in the school I work to show shots to my children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 17 2007 16:26 GMT hans55 PRO
as i say ...sometimes it slips trough ...but howmany porn are we talking about ??? ... i cant find any iff i dont search for it !!!
Nov 17 2007 16:44 GMT LisaSam67
there was no slipping thru my friend

EGGY KNEW it was up.... they acknowleged they knew

and they left it there for 5 more days
Nov 17 2007 16:55 GMT iyerhari
It is possible to find ..poulet..
Nov 17 2007 17:22 GMT kimbob
YAY!!! Nice job!!
Nov 17 2007 18:04 GMT abhatti PRO
I think best way to protest would be to withdraw the payments to FT if they don't clean up the site of the porn material.
Nov 17 2007 18:26 GMT Bali
You`re absolutly right, dear Poulet!!!!Sometimes There`re really hard porn images. Not nice!!!!!
Nov 17 2007 18:55 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
You are right they don t belong here. FT should do something about this as this porno images and other mastershit are becoming daily. We are or at least the majority are here for beauty for creation or for friendship sharing images of our life. Dirty things should not be here!!!!
Nov 17 2007 19:10 GMT Kaska
Yes, Poulet. Porn doesn't belong on this site!!
Nov 17 2007 19:47 GMT hallo
I agree with all friends!
Nov 17 2007 19:50 GMT Tom33
just like t. v. commercials, you can always turn them off -
by not visiting these sites - they will go away
Nov 17 2007 19:55 GMT maguzz
while creating an account, the terms also say not to upload any porn (and other stuff) ...
so, pro members also should be able to DELETE such accounts ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN ---
Nov 17 2007 20:42 GMT gtc126
You are exactly right!!!!!!
Nov 17 2007 21:57 GMT aquiles PRO
Nov 17 2007 23:12 GMT Poulet PRO
I met him some where looooooooooooooong time ago and now he's living with me! ;P ;P
Nov 18 2007 06:36 GMT martini957
Love it...cute foto with powerful message
Nov 18 2007 08:05 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT WORK...............I agree with you,dear Poulet.
Nov 18 2007 09:10 GMT Tavascarow
& me.
Nov 18 2007 10:13 GMT Minz PRO
100% agree with you.
Nov 18 2007 16:15 GMT Studio88
Agree, There's a BIG difference between Artistic Nudes and Porn!!!
Especially Photos that are being stolen from the Internet and posted here on FT!!!
Nov 18 2007 16:51 GMT PaP67
PORN is vulgarity, but i like artistic nudes taken with feelings & taste !
Nov 18 2007 16:53 GMT Poulet PRO
Merci Pat!
Nov 20 2007 15:13 GMT LauraMarie78 PRO
I agree with all of you too.