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I went to Bang Nam-phueng floating market. 6 of ??
It is a new floating market near Bangkok located at Tambon Bang Namphueng, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakarn Province.
- We took the Sri Ratch Express Way to go to Dao Khanong Road.

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Comments on this photo:

May 24 2009 16:12 GMT megmet PRO
I'm glad I don't have to read road signs like that here....I'd never find my way! :-))

Hope you enjoyed the market... :-)
May 24 2009 16:21 GMT Poulet PRO
** Whisper ** It's a secret Meg!!
We get lost because we followed the wrong sign but it's a bonus for me 'coz I got many pictures of a new bridge over the Chaophraya river! LOL
May 24 2009 16:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
It's all Greek to me !! :))
May 24 2009 16:37 GMT Cronos1
Hahahaha, I'm not the only who lose the way :-)))))))
May 24 2009 16:41 GMT Poulet PRO
Just like my husband! LOL ;)))
May 24 2009 16:43 GMT Poulet PRO
We should form a gang called....The Lost Gang!! ;)))))
May 24 2009 16:47 GMT Cronos1
Right ! I bought a GPS but for the moment everything is worst :-)))))))))))
May 24 2009 16:52 GMT Poulet PRO
Hahahaa...I've never spend my money on that kind of VERY HI-TECH, stuff!
I dunno how to use it! ;-P LOL
May 24 2009 17:00 GMT Cronos1
well, I'm a late boy who love HI-TECH; but this one is out of range ! just think: " slow down ! you drive over the legal speed ! "; "wrong way " etc, etc,
May 24 2009 17:05 GMT Poulet PRO

Bye for now, Dony. It's 12:05 AM. and....the storm is cominggggggggg!!! :((
See you tomorrow. :))
May 24 2009 17:49 GMT Dorado
May 24 2009 20:01 GMT Ruedi PRO
LOL...the time change also in BKK. before you ride the speed boot ...lol
May 24 2009 20:05 GMT Ruedi PRO
Bang Namphueng is a new floating Market located in Tambon Bang Namphueng, ... 3 years now attracts an average 39000 visitors a month, which 6% were foreigners. ... Bang Namphueng floating market opens on weekends from 8am - 2pm....lol
May 24 2009 23:03 GMT megmet PRO
(Right ! I bought a GPS but for the moment everything is worst ).....

We bought one too....but it keeps sending us the wrong way and is missing roads and roundabouts, it's just as well we know our way round here!
May 25 2009 01:30 GMT Studio88
I Love the Old Floating Market!
A New one you can reach by car sounds
Fabulous ;-)
May 25 2009 05:51 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT CARSHOT SERIES:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
May 25 2009 09:34 GMT hanek
The road serie !!!! Thisi a GREAT I like that !!!
May 25 2009 10:32 GMT aquiles PRO
JUST EXPECTING YOUR Bang Nam-phueng floating market SERIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 06 2009 05:48 GMT martini957
OH MY....I'd be like a mouse in a maze for sure