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Join me to Saraburi (Series G) 2/6
- On the way.
* Saraburi province's well known agricultural items are Sunflowers, Mangoes and Tamarinds.

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 27 2007 18:43 GMT Midworlder PRO
Growing them pretty big there my friend
Nov 27 2007 19:45 GMT sini
Nice capture!:)
Nov 27 2007 19:49 GMT bennystr
it's beautiful!
Nov 27 2007 21:36 GMT abojovna PRO
Extraordinary decoration! Very nice photo!
Nov 27 2007 23:47 GMT kimbob
I always see tamarinds in the stores and don't know what to do with them-----
Nov 28 2007 00:06 GMT jceca PRO
yep, it's pretty clear .... :-))
cool huge things !!!
Nov 28 2007 00:47 GMT Poulet PRO
Kim, there're 2 kinds of Tamarinds. If you found them with its skin, it's a fresh fruit with sweet and a bit sour taste. Just crack its skin and eat fresh.
If it came without skin, it's a very sour one and we use for cooking (savory dishes and sauces). :))
Nov 28 2007 00:48 GMT Poulet PRO
Might cause of very good soil, Roger!! ;)))) LOL
Nov 28 2007 01:48 GMT Studio88
Unique Road Decorations - Nice Shot!!!
Nov 28 2007 01:52 GMT Poulet PRO
Cool advertisement, huh?? ;)))
Nov 28 2007 03:35 GMT wifey
What great sites to see along the road... I find tamarinds are a bit too sweet… if that's possible. :P
Nov 28 2007 05:11 GMT wolf2728
Nov 28 2007 14:32 GMT Erian
Very Funny! :-)
Nov 28 2007 22:13 GMT kimbob
Well they are kind of brownish bean pod looking things? Do you eat just the inside or the skin too?
Nov 28 2007 23:53 GMT Poulet PRO
It's possible Tracy! We have a sweet Tamarind and it's too sweet for me too. I like a sweet and sour one. :))
Nov 28 2007 23:55 GMT Poulet PRO
Yep Kim and eat just the inside. You'll find its seeds that kids in provinces eat them as snack! They roatsed it with a pinch of salt. :))