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939 views 6 people's favourite photo

My entry for ANIMALFRIDAY2
- A young Chameleon (Tree Lizard) in my garden.

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Dear friend,
Thank you so much for your concerned about the situation in Bangkok. We all are safe and fine and still believe that the goverment & the troops will do their best to protect us and bring our normal lives back to us so soon.
For those who's following the news, PLEASE do not trust in all news from some CNN's reporter! The incident is taking place in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand. It's NOT just a movie from the Hollywood!! :(
(I never understand why some of the CNN's reporters always act as if they know everything MORE THAN the local people!)

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Comments on this photo:

May 14 2010 02:06 GMT martini957
Great shot & entry!!!!
May 14 2010 02:15 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I'm sooooooo glad to hear you are safe and ok dear Poulet. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.
I became so concerned with the 1st report. You're right about the news - it becomes sensationalized almost immediately (especially when someone like the General is involved).

Hugs and kisses to you and your family.
May 14 2010 02:42 GMT iyerhari
Take care Poulet,

Your garden is like my backyard:)

Great entry!
May 14 2010 02:49 GMT janos
Great shot!
May 14 2010 04:39 GMT aquiles PRO
FANTÀSTICA FOTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 14 2010 04:47 GMT sini
Beautiful capture and entry!:)
May 14 2010 05:07 GMT junne PRO
comes with the profession. i have never read anything accurately reported when i witnessed the scene myself.

very sharp photo of the chameleon.
May 14 2010 05:45 GMT senna3
Magnificent animal entry!
May 14 2010 06:23 GMT sayalio
What a beauty, dear J!!!
May 14 2010 06:27 GMT Annamaria
Great entry, Poulet!

Please take care!!
May 14 2010 06:36 GMT Bellavista
Brilliant shot Poulet! Yes, glad to hear that you are safe! Take care!
May 14 2010 07:21 GMT PaP67
great shot & entry Jyab !
May 14 2010 07:56 GMT superJoan
Poulet glad that you are okay..this is a great capture and grand entry..
May 14 2010 10:59 GMT bennystr
Wonderful entry dear Poulet!
Take care and be safe my friend!
May 14 2010 12:41 GMT Foggydew
May 14 2010 12:48 GMT spideyj
Great shot! Take care Poulet!
May 14 2010 13:24 GMT gwen83
Wow, very good entry:-))
May 14 2010 13:45 GMT jomoud PRO
Glad to hear from you Poulet.
You have been in my thoughts a lot lately.
Glad to hear that you are fine.
Thank you for your update.

Great capture.
Terrific entry for this week's theme.
Stay save my dear friend.
May 14 2010 15:46 GMT abojovna PRO
It have a puffy head? Beautiful angle! Very special entry!
Take care dear Poulet!
May 14 2010 19:22 GMT yvonNL
a fantastic clear shot Wonderful
May 14 2010 20:41 GMT hanek
Excellent zoom! whether it is true that they are able to change the color? PS please be careful bad news gives us TV . ......
May 14 2010 21:14 GMT Papagena
Coming back from a journey with my sister, I am so happy to learn that you and your family are ok !! ;o)))
May 14 2010 22:41 GMT Archer
Exquisite image!
Take care dear friend.
May 15 2010 00:11 GMT megmet PRO
A superb entry!

Glad to hear you are all safe.....take care dear Poulet. xx
May 15 2010 10:21 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Excellent chameleon.

Glad you are safe!
May 15 2010 10:43 GMT Prikthai
Chameleon. Red. Yellow. Black. I dont need color. I want FREDDOM.
May 16 2010 00:12 GMT will

great pic there pouLet! :)
May 16 2010 19:00 GMT Cronos1
WONDERFUL capture !!!
May 17 2010 01:44 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you very much everyone! :)
May 17 2010 02:41 GMT ashdad PRO
Wow! What a fabulous entry!
May 17 2010 04:48 GMT Squirrel PRO
Wonderful close-up of this beautiful tree lizard.........................................................
HAVE A SAVE WEEK:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
May 18 2010 14:35 GMT jceca PRO
what a lovely face, nice :-)
May 24 2010 17:20 GMT ujbanyiv
Excellent Nature Photo
Jun 13 2010 01:22 GMT ferrariwalter
Amazing! :-)
Jun 14 2010 09:04 GMT tata28
Sep 25 2010 19:08 GMT SomersetDreams
Stunning shot and capture!!
I hope you are safe and well!
Oct 21 2010 14:56 GMT Hanny50
Superb shot!!!
Dec 30 2010 20:51 GMT peterpinhole
Great shot and a nice visitor to your garden. Hope you and family are well.
Happy 2011!
Jan 28 2011 21:20 GMT lizzieb
Fantastic - faved.
Apr 22 2012 19:08 GMT roncarlin PRO
Miss your photos. Where have you gone??????
May 30 2012 00:50 GMT gtc126