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My enyru for MEMORY TUESDAY (Nov 20th, 2007)

- This is not so old. It was taken at Phi-Phi Island, Krabi province, the Kingdom of Thaiand in November 2002.
It was just 2 years before the 1st horrible Tsunami happened here......
I used to go there at least once a year for around 15 years both for work and leisure. It's one of my fave place..........

Look at the sand! It's that white!!!
And, I have no smile .....AGAIN!! Hahaaaaa......... ;D

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 20 2007 03:21 GMT Empty
Oh....theres a smile there Poulet...I can see it..;-)

Nice memory my dear friend..:))
Nov 20 2007 03:24 GMT Poulet PRO
Hahaaa.........so........now I know there's a smile on my face!!
Thanks Patrick! ;)))
Nov 20 2007 03:26 GMT iyerhari
lovely Portrait, Soooooo bluish color:)
Nov 20 2007 03:36 GMT fa69
Wonderful memory !!!
Nov 20 2007 03:56 GMT hamrahi
SO beautiful entry....................................
Nov 20 2007 04:07 GMT Haw59 PRO
Wow what memories. I could never imagine going though that tsunami. We have had floods but not as bad as a tsunami.
Again lovely shot.
Nov 20 2007 04:15 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Gin!
It was the 1st time for us, it was a country shocked....and so terrible. It killed ppl and damaged loads of marine creatures. I hope it won't happen again...
Nov 20 2007 04:17 GMT ashdad PRO
Beautiful memory!
Nov 20 2007 04:28 GMT Midworlder PRO
Nice memory to retain .. and cool sand :-)0
Nov 20 2007 05:09 GMT LizSA
Beautiful... Poulet you do smile... Empty is right.... and such a relaxed and
fresh photo.... great background...!!
Nov 20 2007 06:24 GMT Tavascarow
Lovely memory dear Poulet.
Good to see you.
Nov 20 2007 06:27 GMT znacke
heheh no smile, but you look happy :) beautiful place...great entry :)
Nov 20 2007 06:32 GMT Arik77
It's great to see You my friend !
Looking gooooood !!!!!
Nov 20 2007 07:04 GMT xevirbs
Better to remember like it was before the tsunami. I hope this place will recover soon the best shape.
Nov 20 2007 07:35 GMT Squirrel PRO
Great memory and beautiful photo,despite the horrible tsunami two years earlier...............
Nov 20 2007 08:06 GMT charlotte
wonderful place
Nov 20 2007 08:09 GMT abojovna PRO
Interesting colours, indeed! Such pretty and young Poulet!
Nov 20 2007 08:11 GMT abojovna PRO
I hope for never nothing next tsunami , dear Poulet... !
Nov 20 2007 09:06 GMT bennystr
Beautiful memory entry, dear Poulet!
Nov 20 2007 11:08 GMT mariolina
sure there's a smile!!! i can see it too!!! ;) beautiful entry!!!
Nov 20 2007 13:23 GMT jceca PRO
i could see some shy smile too !!!!
gorgeoussssss beach .. and ... you are looking like a teenage girl !!! :-))
Nov 20 2007 13:30 GMT beedabee
Nice memory dear P... best wishes!
Nov 20 2007 14:49 GMT Pietje
No smile but a very nice picture Poulet..
Nov 20 2007 16:35 GMT senna3
Very nice photo Poulet, in a beautiful setting!
Nov 20 2007 17:52 GMT Vasca
Great place!!!
You look beautiful!! :D
Nov 20 2007 19:10 GMT sayalio
Really beautiful You are!!! It's great!
Nov 20 2007 23:25 GMT megmet PRO
A really lovely place. I hope the people there are rebuilding their lives.
Nov 21 2007 01:38 GMT gwen83
Very good memory................
Nov 21 2007 02:51 GMT Studio88
Fabulous Memory - I saw black sand beaches in Maui, Hawaii.
Never saw a beach with such white pristine sand like this one!!!
Nov 21 2007 13:10 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks all! :))