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Sanam Chandra Palace.
Nakorn-pathom province. The Kingdom of Thailand. 2/6
(NO special effect added in all shots)

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** Thub Kwan Residence **
Thub Kwan is a traditional housing complex, designed and constructed by Phraya Wisukam Prasit (Noi Silapi). It comprises eight houses situated in four directions: four main buildings and four corner buildings. The two big houses opposite each other were bed chambers (the kingís was on the south side). Another was a reception hall. Opposite the reception hall was a kitchen. The four small corner halls are located in each corner. Two of them were bird halls. Another was a servantís quarters. The other was for storage. All houses were linked by a central patio, with a big shading chand tree in the middle.
Thub Kwan was elaborately constructed. The houses and the patio were built with golden teak using the traditional timber joint-and-notch method of house building. The eaves and the roof supports are carved woodwork. The roofing was once a Nipa palm leaves bordered with terra cotta tiles. Around the house are traditional plants usually planted in a well-to-do household.
H.M. King Rama VI had this house built in order to preserve the art of traditional Thai housing style. The celebration ceremony for the house was held on January 25, 1901. It once served as headquarters of the Wild Tigersí Royal Guards.
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 02 2007 03:18 GMT DGM
Superb Thai architecture!!!
Mar 02 2007 03:21 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks DGM. :))
Mar 02 2007 03:27 GMT hans55 PRO
beautyfull building !!!
Mar 02 2007 03:27 GMT jomoud PRO
Great entry Poulet
I love this type of architecture
Mar 02 2007 03:32 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Hans. :))
Mar 02 2007 03:32 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks John. :))
Mar 02 2007 04:39 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great series and buildings
Mar 02 2007 05:24 GMT junne PRO
absolutely gorgeous, the architecture as well as the setting. good job showing us too.
Mar 02 2007 07:41 GMT sini
Lovely archtecture and entry!
Mar 02 2007 08:31 GMT schwc125
Mar 02 2007 09:36 GMT beedabee
Very beautiful these traditional Thai houses .. and a great series , Poulet!
Mar 02 2007 10:57 GMT soldier
Wonderful place and really interesting architecture. Great pic my Friend!
Mar 02 2007 11:43 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 02 2007 11:47 GMT bennystr
Wonderful entry!
Mar 02 2007 11:48 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Dear Aquiles. :))
I'm glad you enjoyed it. ALL for you ! :))))
Mar 02 2007 12:23 GMT ichigiku
marvellous entry for architecture friday!!!
thank you for your kind comment!
impressive! do you know every roof in Great palace?:)))
Mar 02 2007 12:27 GMT senna3
Excellent entry, very typical architecture for Thailand!
Mar 02 2007 12:50 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks ichigiku !!
I can't say I know every roofs in Grand palace.....:))
As a Thai and I'm a typical Bangkokian, ichigiku. My family and I always go to Wat Phra Kaew (the Grand palace) since I was a little girl....until today.
I think it's a reason why I know where you took that pic. :)))
Mar 02 2007 13:00 GMT ichigiku
I see:))
Anyway, it's really great place!:)
Mar 02 2007 13:20 GMT miclar
Very interesting architecture - as we don't have this unique style over here in Australia of course. Nice series of shots - for some reason my favourite is the one at the other end of the series. I think it's because of the framing by the tree and less shadow. Great entry.
Mar 02 2007 13:49 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks miclar. :))
Mar 02 2007 13:56 GMT PaP67
j'aime la finesse, le style et l'"esprit" de cette architecture qui s'harmonise bien dans son environnement !
Mar 02 2007 14:15 GMT Poulet PRO
Merci beaucoup, Pat. :))
Mar 02 2007 15:07 GMT SIGMUND
Great serie my friend!!!
Mar 02 2007 15:17 GMT megmet PRO
Superb entry!
Mar 02 2007 15:34 GMT jceca PRO
fantastic entry, fantastic series, fantastic gift for aquiles ... uploaded by fantastic friend Poulet !!!! :-)))
Mar 02 2007 18:28 GMT Mafernandes
very nice one
Mar 02 2007 18:52 GMT AlisonBC
Wonderful! This looks so peaceful.
Mar 02 2007 19:08 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Very good photo and very good contribution for this week theme
Mar 02 2007 19:15 GMT jamby PRO
a very well taken photograph of a beautiful Thais architectural design!!!
Mar 02 2007 20:58 GMT LizSA
beautiful architectural...I am pleased to see this entry...I also love the green surroundings...!
Mar 02 2007 22:25 GMT backstreets PRO
thank you for the information , and for the beautiful entry !!!!!!
Mar 02 2007 23:24 GMT Pam
This is fantastic! So different
Mar 03 2007 00:57 GMT rodri
Mar 03 2007 09:53 GMT Detalhes
awesome building
Mar 03 2007 19:46 GMT klingklingeling
something different if i think of what you can see here where i live.
Mar 04 2007 11:49 GMT abojovna PRO
Wonderful and very, very interesting for my!
Mar 04 2007 12:18 GMT Poulet PRO
Yes Kling, it's really different from where you live and it's different from my home too. This is an authentic central style but we still can see lots of this style here. :))
Mar 04 2007 12:18 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Claudia. :))
Mar 04 2007 21:07 GMT xevirbs
Beautiful contribution to the topic