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Join me to Saraburi (Series B) 1/6
- Cow passed!!!

** Dear friends, I'll try to catch up with your pics when fever gone from me!! **

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2007 11:23 GMT Pasifae
Nice shot! :)
Nov 22 2007 11:33 GMT Ruedi PRO
- Cow passed!!!...to get bananas...lol
Nov 22 2007 11:34 GMT Poulet PRO
Hahahahaaaa!!!! ;D
Nov 22 2007 11:39 GMT sini
Are the cows walking around free, or are they only passing with the owner?
Nov 22 2007 11:44 GMT Poulet PRO
Passing with owner, Sini!
There're lots of ranches in Saraburi province. :))
Nov 22 2007 12:24 GMT iyerhari
Goooooooooo Slowwwwwwwww:))
Nov 22 2007 13:12 GMT abojovna PRO
:-) Nice sooo BIG plant here!
Nov 22 2007 13:37 GMT will
Milk and bananas. It's all I really want out of life. Oh, and maybe a dog! Yes, that would be nice huh PouLet...? Here have a banana! :-)))
Nov 22 2007 13:45 GMT Poulet PRO
YOU ARE BACK, my dear Will!!!!!
Remember, my guardian angel always comes to see me when I have some problem? ;)))

Heheheee.........an allergic Poulet have some fever, Will! Not serious but a bit boring....
However, it is soooooooooooooooo good to stay home!!! ;)))

BTW, Banana!?? I HATE it! :((
Nov 22 2007 13:46 GMT LizSA
Oh Poulet... I hope you get better soon.... sorry sweety...:-(

But then again...cannot help to smile at this sign and the other one...
so very much the same in all countries....!!
sorry I keep you busy today with all the comments...but I just could not resist
those cats...:-))

Nov 22 2007 14:04 GMT PaP67
is this a kangourou ox !
Nov 22 2007 14:04 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Liz!
I still have fever but as I told Will, it's not serious and I'm happy to behere and hahaaaaa..........replied your comments on those cat pictures!!! ;))))
I still have some funny shots (at lease I think they are funny) left! I'll post them some day! ;)))
Nov 22 2007 14:09 GMT Poulet PRO
I think it's a fat ox! ;)))
Nov 22 2007 14:10 GMT will
Yes, Cats and Bananas...who needs them? :-)))
Nov 22 2007 14:13 GMT Poulet PRO
Dunno dear...........
BUT i think you need them! ;P
Nov 22 2007 14:30 GMT Vasca
Muuuuuuuuuuuuu!! :D
Get well soon Pou!!
Nov 22 2007 15:00 GMT hallo
Wish you quick recovery and take care!
Nov 22 2007 15:12 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks all!
Bye for now...........
I must back to bed and watch the Da Vinci Code before I feel asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

See you tomorrow!
Good night from the City Of Angel!

And, Happy Thanksgiving for all who celebrates! :))
Nov 22 2007 15:22 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT SIGN AND SHOT....................
Nov 22 2007 17:53 GMT Tavascarow
I like your road signs.
Nov 22 2007 17:54 GMT Tavascarow
& I hope the fever passes soon.
Nov 22 2007 18:53 GMT jceca PRO
i don't see any !!!! :-))
Nov 22 2007 19:36 GMT fa69
Nice shot !!!
Nov 22 2007 20:39 GMT wolf2728
i like this photo but i too hate bannanas yuck! mushie foods i do not like but the bannana i hate the most!!!!!
Nov 22 2007 23:36 GMT Haw59 PRO
Cute sign. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this. I had a great Thanksgiving. Especially because it is the first with my family in 22 years. Again I hope you are better.
Nov 23 2007 00:13 GMT Milibuh
Get well soon Pou we miss you a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 23 2007 00:28 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Ric. I'm so happy to have a friend who hates banana like me!!! :)))
Nov 23 2007 00:30 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Gin, I'm very much better.
Glad to know you have a great Thanksgiving with family! :))
Nov 23 2007 00:33 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Nora! I'm very much better and will stay home for another day. It means I have a very looooooooooooooong weekend!!! heheheeee ;))))
BTW, will go out to see doc in half an hour. ;))
Nov 23 2007 01:00 GMT peterpinhole

Glad you are feeling better and are getting a long weekend out of it too!
Nov 23 2007 01:05 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Peter! :))
Nov 23 2007 01:46 GMT gtc126
GOT MILK????????
Nov 23 2007 12:08 GMT Poulet PRO
Noooooooooooooooope! ;))) lol
Nov 26 2007 02:46 GMT Londi PRO
Great comments ! Do the banana trees produce bananas??? I keep waiting for the ones in my house to bear fruit, but all I get is more trees :)) Thank Goodness I don't have cows in my house ;+] I hope you are now better dear Poulet!!
Nov 26 2007 02:52 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Londi! I'm very much better but still..............sneezzzzzzzzzeee!!! ;))
Those banana trees produced bananas, Londi. How old are your banana trees?
Here they give fuites when they are around 3-5 years depend on their varieties.
Nov 26 2007 03:09 GMT Londi PRO
My oldest tree died! It had 5 pups, and the oldest one I have now is about 1 1/2... sooo I have a while to wait then. They're fun to have indoors :))
Nov 26 2007 11:22 GMT Poulet PRO
Huh?? Indoor!!!??
VERY interesting, Londi!!! :))
Nov 26 2007 22:18 GMT Londi PRO
We keep thinking it would be so cool to have one flower!! I can't find anything online about the Musa as an indoor plant...ah well...
Nov 27 2007 03:38 GMT Poulet PRO
Musa, does it mean its flower?

I'm quite not sure but I think it might be hard to see its flower as an indoor plant, Londi. All I know is banana loves sunshine.
In Thai, we called its flower " Hua plee ". We made many savory dishes with Banana flowers and all are delicious!
Have you ever try some? :)))

Here's a crispy fried banana flower cake ( or....what ever, I dunno how to call in English!) http://www.fotothing.com/Poulet/photo/260e8e63569641dbfe01361c13461060/

Dec 01 2007 06:20 GMT Londi PRO
really interesting info Poulet, thank you so much for sharing. I will be hoping my plants flower some day, but if they don't, I'll still be happy just to keep them alive :)
Dec 01 2007 14:19 GMT Poulet PRO
My pleasure Londi. Hope it'll give flower to you. :)))
Jan 27 2009 14:42 GMT Tom33
my first cow sign - very thoughtful - the farmland series is great
and I hope it cheers you up as well.