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STOP it Pixy!!!!


** I still have fever and NOT in the mood to upload more pics for that thives, PIXY! :((

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2007 01:26 GMT LisaSam67
oh no you are sick too???
i've been down 5 days... finally have some energy today
not much but enough to fight against this stuff a little bit
take care of yourself sweety
Nov 22 2007 01:29 GMT Vasca
I could see that all fotothingers are in pixsy!!!!!!
I'm furious!!!!
Nov 22 2007 01:32 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Lisa.
The weather is weird, hun!
Yesterday I went to Saraburi and had fever when I'm back home. Might be ecause of strong sunshine in the day and cold wind during the night....
Nov 22 2007 01:37 GMT Poulet PRO
Yep Gaby!
That's bad!!! :((
Nov 22 2007 01:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
so sorry to hear that you are feeling poor dear Poulet...
I hope you you feel better soon
Nov 22 2007 02:01 GMT wolf2728
I hope you feel better soon!
Take care!!!!!
Nov 22 2007 02:06 GMT junne PRO
i am amazed that you had the patience of going through their thousands of pictures to find your own. now anybody that had their stuff used should send them a bill. $750 per picture.
Nov 22 2007 02:12 GMT Poulet PRO
Just key my name, Junne!
THere're many Poulet on that site BUT I found mine on the 1st page!
Ekkkkkkkkkkkkkk...................so popular! :S

Hahhaa.........LOVE your advise!! We must send them a bill! ;))
Nov 22 2007 02:13 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Bill!.
I'm a bit better but didn't go to work!
Lazy is my signature! ;)))
Nov 22 2007 02:21 GMT megmet PRO
Hope you are soon fit and well.

It's not just Pixsy that has stolen our photos, they have an off shoot called Flock...they have our photos too as Free Stock Photos.

It's a disgrace!
Nov 22 2007 02:28 GMT aquiles PRO
FULLY AGREE WITH YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 22 2007 02:29 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Meg!

Yes it's a disgrace!
Almost all of us didn't earn a living by selling our pics BUT they are our properties. I don't understand why many ppl don't understand that?
IF they wanna have it WHY don't they just asked for it?

And, I don't like the way many sites added a button......."send this pic to your mobile" too! I dunno who allowed that to them?

Nov 22 2007 02:51 GMT peterpinhole
Sorry to hear your not well....hope you are on the mend.

Nov 22 2007 03:53 GMT larrybenedict
This Pixsy thing have a lot of us upset. I'm confident they will feel the pain of stepping into this den of hornets....eventually. Hope you feel better soon, dear Pou.
Nov 22 2007 05:01 GMT gwen83
All my photos too, and i dont like that.
Get well soon................
Nov 22 2007 07:23 GMT Bali
How did you find your fotos????
Nov 22 2007 08:00 GMT karlbark
(Bali); Yes, thatīs what Iīm wondering about too.
Iīve just started looking, I admit, but havenīt found anything of mine yet.
And Vasca, you said that all Fotothingers are on there. Do you really mean all! -Or many? Well, Iīll keep on looking...

And Poulet, I hope you get well soon :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Nov 22 2007 08:14 GMT sini
Hope you feel better soon!:)) BTW I've never had the illusion that my pictures would be safe on the internet..
Nov 22 2007 08:15 GMT Olympe1961
Go on reactinp so, Poulet : You're right : I did'nt know that !!!!
Nov 22 2007 11:10 GMT Poulet PRO
Dear Barbara and Karl,
This morning (your night) I just key " Poulet " on their search box and I found lots of my pics from FT at that site, however, right now they all are gone.
I guess they already removed FT RSS from their site....