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Join me to Saraburi (Series F) 4/6
- On the way to the 4th field.
..........Harvest time.
I stopped and ran to ask them what are they doing? They told me it's a harvest time for Mung Bean so I asked to take pic of them. All laughed out loud and said its not an interesting scene but allowed me to take pics.
It's not an interesting scene for them but it's very interesting scene for me! ;))

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 26 2007 15:02 GMT Haw59 PRO
Busy, busy.
Nov 26 2007 15:32 GMT iyerhari
the bread and butter for them:)
Nov 26 2007 15:37 GMT Poulet PRO
Hahhaaaa.....they don't eat bread and butter, Iyer!
Thai ppl (especially provincial) eat rice and savory dishes only!
Bread & butter is for a capital city girl like me! ;D
Nov 26 2007 15:51 GMT iyerhari
Nov 26 2007 16:25 GMT Foggydew
tell them they are all very interesting :)
Nov 26 2007 16:29 GMT Poulet PRO
I'll tell them next time, Foggydew! ;)))
Nov 26 2007 17:58 GMT Tom33
great coverage of what appears to be a
good farmland - I am enjoying the tour
Nov 26 2007 18:00 GMT Tom33
chow nah - not one of the city people, but one
who puts food on the table
Nov 26 2007 18:10 GMT Tavascarow
Hard work for little reward.
Great capture my friend.
Nov 26 2007 20:00 GMT fa69
Yes its very interesting !!!!!!
Nov 26 2007 20:49 GMT martini957
yes very interesting & great capture
Nov 26 2007 21:04 GMT bennystr
Fabulous series dear Poulet!
Nov 26 2007 21:16 GMT jceca PRO
.. and for us too ....
nice shot !!!
Nov 27 2007 00:58 GMT junne PRO
see, that's where we are different! i don't ask! :-)))
Nov 27 2007 01:15 GMT Milibuh
Yes ...very interesting for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 27 2007 02:21 GMT ashdad PRO
Hard at work! Very interesting scene.
Nov 27 2007 12:59 GMT senna3
Beautiful picture Poulet!
We took a similar picture in Indonesia in a tea plantage. We too first asked whether we were allowed to take pictures, and yes we were allowed, but we first had to pay. After the first picture I wanted to take a second picture, but we first should pay again, and so on. The ladies did not ask much, so we were happy to pay them!
This is one of the pictures I took: http://www.fotothing.com/senna3/photo/ad7a13ff51dd9eb4e360e7d9aaaebb13/
Nov 27 2007 16:28 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Peter.
Yours is a perfect one. :))

It's interesting that you have to pay to take pic. Here, loooooooooooong time ago when I was a little girl we were asked for some money if we wanna took pic of Thai hiltribes that lived in Chiengmai and Chiengrai but never paid for others and they never asked for it.
I asked them if I can took pic or not just because........heheheee....you know well that I really feel bad when ohers took pic of me and I think some people might feel the same. :)))