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Ruay-suk, his name mean lots of happiness.

He is the youngest one in my family.
Me and my hubby help him from drawned on one heavy rainy night last year.
This foto took on his 2nd week at home.
He's naughty...clever...and so wild for strangers !! but so funny for family members. :D
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 22 2005 04:42 GMT maiylah
a very loyal dog... :)
Sep 22 2005 05:20 GMT Pinklaine
Wow!!! i love all your wonderful dogs Poulet!!! Thanks for giving them the tribute too!! See you around my friend!! Take care!! :o)
Sep 22 2005 05:47 GMT Kriszti
like him the most :)
Sep 22 2005 05:50 GMT DGM
He looks full of happiness. Thanks to you!
Sep 22 2005 06:18 GMT bluefam
haha, beautiful series of the pretty dogs.
Sep 22 2005 06:25 GMT Glo
nice shot!! it's great that you rescue him!! :)
Sep 22 2005 09:18 GMT Riet
Lucky little dog!
Sep 22 2005 12:37 GMT San35
A little dog action...and have a lot..
Thank for you comments..
Sep 22 2005 12:42 GMT will
You know I luv puppies, this 1 is special....so cute..
Sep 22 2005 13:44 GMT magiceye
very sweet
Sep 22 2005 15:59 GMT Prikthai
His face look happy. He have a good place. Thanks.
Sep 22 2005 18:55 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks for all comments :))
Sep 22 2005 19:26 GMT will
I know u luv dogs as much as me and that u'd be the first one to help me if you could!! Just knowing that makes me feel really good!!!Thank you for being thoughtfull enough to visit my site and wish me well, it is greatly heart felt!!!
Sep 22 2005 20:20 GMT bertel
You really hit my soft spot. I just love all kinds of dogs, and this series is really good/b
Sep 23 2005 02:30 GMT Poulet PRO
With pleasure will :)
Thanks bertel :)
Dec 16 2005 09:51 GMT callista
Qu'il est mignon :)