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- " Kao Tom Mou " or Rice Soup with Ground Pork.
Kao Tom is a traditional breakfast dish in Thailand. You can add chicken or shrimp or fillet of fish or mixed sea food instead of pork.

** I must confess that normally I have only a BIG cup of coffee for breakfast but I cook this dish for Fun Friday! lol ;P

Bon Appétit!! :))

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Comments on this photo:

Feb 18 2010 23:22 GMT megmet PRO
A super photo and entry Poulet.....I'm afraid all I can face in a morning is a simple bowl of cornflakes with lovely fresh milk followed by a cup of tea!
Feb 18 2010 23:27 GMT something
looks like soup!
Feb 18 2010 23:28 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you, dear Meg. :))
Normally I have only a cup of coffee for breakfast so I cooked it yesterday and asked my hubby to eat after I took pic of it! LOL
I'll eat a 'real' breakfast only when I was sick and have to take medicine.. ;-D
Feb 18 2010 23:47 GMT lalewa
Feb 19 2010 00:49 GMT lunacrout
Poulet - This brings back lovely memories to me of my best ever breakfast in Thailand :))
Feb 19 2010 01:27 GMT MargNZ
I am sure your husband didn't mind his bonus breakfast Poulet ! Nice entry and it looks delicious :)
Feb 19 2010 01:52 GMT LizSA
that is a healthy breakfast.....

greetings and wishing you a good weekend Poulet.
Feb 19 2010 02:18 GMT ashdad PRO
Delicious looking breakfast!
Feb 19 2010 02:21 GMT mickmusser
I think it looks great. Seems more a lunch.
Feb 19 2010 02:24 GMT iyerhari
very rich breakfast entry:)
Feb 19 2010 03:51 GMT jomoud PRO
Am I surprised that you cooked this specially for Fun Friday??? Of course not!!:):)
Many of us go to great lengths for a theme photo:)
Excellent entry my dear friend!
Now go enjoy your weekend
Feb 19 2010 04:08 GMT teddybear2
You have gone to a great deal of effort. I do not think I could eat this much this early in the day
Feb 19 2010 04:43 GMT Squirrel PRO
Looks very good your entry for breakfast friday........................................................
Feb 19 2010 06:04 GMT martini957
Looks great : ))
Feb 19 2010 07:45 GMT Carlimauda
Looks SOOOOO tasty! So beautiful entry for this weeks theme! I hope you'll have a great weekend Poulet, with NO rain..... :)
Feb 19 2010 07:54 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
You went to a lot of effort for us all to enjoy - thank you for sharing this!
Feb 19 2010 08:10 GMT lynnj04
Wow thats a lot of work that goes into your breakfast, wonderful entry, i am finding this theme very interesting to see the varied breakfasts that different countries have. hope you have a wonderful weekend Poulet :-))
Feb 19 2010 08:42 GMT Bellavista
Look delicious! I would take a taste!
Have a great weekend dear Poulet!
Feb 19 2010 09:22 GMT barborella
wow! and in a nice porcelain! :-)
Feb 19 2010 10:21 GMT Cronos1
I'm a notorious "gourmand" , so, it's not fair to see that breakfast...(:-)))))))))))))
Feb 19 2010 10:23 GMT Cronos1
now I have to go to the kitchen...(guess why ?!)
Feb 19 2010 10:41 GMT sayalio
You are the best, as always!!!
Feb 19 2010 12:23 GMT Poulet PRO
Thanks Lynn!
Me too, I am finding this theme very interesting. It's great to see many different dishes from all around the world.
If you wanna try this, I added the recipe to Poulet's Kitchen 2 on FB. :)))
Feb 19 2010 12:24 GMT Poulet PRO
The easiest way is run to pack and I'll pick you up at the airport!!!!!!!!! LOL ;P ;P ;P
Feb 19 2010 12:26 GMT Poulet PRO
My dear friend John, you know that I'll do it for Fun Friday! :)))
Feb 19 2010 12:33 GMT Poulet PRO
Dear Barbara, I'm glad that this shot brings back your lovely memories of your best ever breakfast in Thailand. It's a very easy dish and all can cook at home. :))
Feb 19 2010 15:03 GMT otilia
Delicious close-up ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Feb 19 2010 15:24 GMT Papagena
Great having especially prepared it for FT !!! :-))
Feb 19 2010 15:43 GMT derkz
Delicious picture and it sounds good.
Feb 19 2010 15:52 GMT sini
Very tasty breakfast!:)
Feb 19 2010 17:10 GMT janos
Thank You! Looks great : ))
Feb 19 2010 17:11 GMT yvon
Eet smakelijk Enjoy your meal
Feb 19 2010 21:15 GMT verarenm
Oh, exotic for me! If one day I go to Thailand I want taste everything!
Feb 19 2010 21:51 GMT gafaway
your traditional breakfast looks delicious!
Feb 20 2010 00:10 GMT lunacrout
How to I find your recipes on FB (pm me if you like :))

( I made a Thai green fish curry on Wednesday and it was delicious - oh, and some crab cakes mmmmmm)
Feb 20 2010 00:16 GMT Prikthai
In this year my breakfast allways are fruits. I like everykind from my THAILAND.
Feb 20 2010 01:56 GMT Milibuh
Great healthy breakfast Pou !!!
Feb 20 2010 14:48 GMT soldier
Excellent and tasty entry my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fav
Feb 20 2010 15:11 GMT aquiles PRO
AM I TOO LATE ?????????????????????????????????????
Feb 23 2010 20:35 GMT bennystr
A delicious entry!
Feb 26 2010 02:27 GMT Poulet PRO
Never too late. :))