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Today I (we?) had to mow the lawn instead of going out & having some fun..
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 17 2005 15:58 GMT 0 PRO
Ha! I also need to mow and would appeciate having five helpers...
Apr 17 2005 16:51 GMT GRAMPIE PRO
what a busy fellow. nice!
Apr 17 2005 18:55 GMT Pewari PRO
What a fab photo!
Apr 17 2005 22:33 GMT Phoenix PRO
Get a goat mate, not so much work then. :-) Is the dopple guy second from the right a CSI Investigator?
Apr 17 2005 22:42 GMT Pondy PRO
I can't afford a goat Phoe, all they ever want is trips to amusement parks.. like I have the time!
Apr 18 2005 00:24 GMT Misato12k
cool picture! if you don't mine me asking.. why are all of you dressed alike? :)
Apr 18 2005 04:05 GMT jabber PRO
making short work of it! nice job
Apr 18 2005 04:11 GMT fhelsing PRO
Apr 18 2005 06:20 GMT Anjelikka
if you could only make it work like that....neat idea
Apr 18 2005 06:43 GMT tony PRO
Speaking of goats, is that an incipient goatee on your face, or is it just a splash of mud?
Apr 18 2005 09:50 GMT charlotte
Love love love it! haha!
How do you do these things I wonder?
Apr 18 2005 16:06 GMT Sketty PRO
...you wanna get that hedge sorted too; I bet your neighbors love you ;)
Apr 18 2005 17:37 GMT Pondy PRO
The goatee is just rampant stubble from a weekend of no shaving.. all clean & shiney again today :)

Sket, you of all people should know that "hedge" is trees! and it's one of the reasons I bought this house, so I can't see the damn neighbours!
Apr 18 2005 17:40 GMT Pondy PRO
Charlotte if you want to know how to do it it's easy: put your camera on a tripod, take say 5 images with yourself in different places, be careful not to move the camera or change settings, then open the first image in Photoshop, create a new layer, open the 2nd image and cut & paste it into the new layer, create a 2nd layer, paste the 3rd picture into it, repeat until all the pictures are on different layers, then use the eraser tool to rub out the bits on each layer that are of no use if you see what I mean.. just play with it!
Apr 19 2005 22:02 GMT ashdad PRO
Another multiple personality on fotothing. You do seem to have the most functional clones.
Apr 29 2005 17:18 GMT curves PRO
Keeps the your mate busy too
May 17 2006 20:53 GMT bertel
he he he he
What a work :O)
May 17 2006 21:53 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Hahaha!! I think you need a nice refreshing strawberry milkshake after this tough work :)
Very cool :)
May 18 2006 04:21 GMT slomoz
You should be able to get that mowing job finished in no time, Pondy.

Good one!!!
Oct 01 2008 09:58 GMT blackwoodlocal
Busy lad!!